I Lost My Dog

A couple of months ago, i adopted a dog from an acquintance friend. She loved the dog so much but was forced without any choice to give the dog away bec they're moving out from the city. and she just cant take the dog along with her. I always wish to have a dog as a companion and just in time when i found out about the post in a web about dogs for adoption that i really thought its time that i should get one. To make a long story short i was able to adopt Lenny, shes a yorkie terrier w/ a very smooth and shiny hair. A very sweet dog. But sad to say shes not with me anymore. I lost her a couple of weeks ago. She slipped out from my flat w/out my knwledge. I didnt knw how to tell the previous owner about what happened, so i decided to keep it from her until the right time when im ready because i know that she'l be so upset. weeks passed by but i still cant find the dog so i have decided that its about time to tell her and thinking she might be able to help out. As expected she was very upset to knw what happend to our beloved dog. but i didnt actualy tell her when did it happen. Until now we are still looking for Lenny. we visited all the pet shops, vet clinics. hand out flyers, post everywhere. We are still waiting and hoping for her to come back.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2010

Did u find her?

Unfortunately, i did not. It was sad but there was nothing more i could do..