On A Planet With 7 Billion, I Am Alone. I Miss You Tasha

Tasha, you came into my life when I needed you most, you gave me warmth and unconditional love. You were there for me more than 11 years, and yet that was not enough. Today I celebrate my 60th birthday, alone. I miss you so much. You were more than just a service animal, working to keeping me safe, helping me everyday to enjoy life.

If I has only known just how sick you really were I could have gone with you across the rainbow bridge. Now I sitt alone in a room, waiting to see you again. No visitors, no love, only a shell of a man I once was. You gave me so much, no one has ever loved me as much as you did. I am alone, scared and I want to be with you. Your photo album is by my bed, your bowl and your best toy. I sleep with your blanket every night, and just sometimes I see you in my dreams.

Our ashes will be mixed and we will be together for eternity. Maybe my family, nurses and doctors never cared, but you did. Thanks for being there for me, I will be with you soon enough.

Until then I work on your web site.  Although there is now another Tasha in my life, it just is not the same.  I find I can not  get as close to her and I did with you.  I really do miss you.  You were the light of my life.

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tasha2 tasha2
56-60, M
Jun 21, 2011