I Gave My Dog Away :(

I recently gave my dog back to the humane society we got it from. I have been crying nonstop for a week. He had some problems that we got a trainer for, but nothing worked. I feel horrible. Anyone else had to give their dog away? I feel so sad and alone :(

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Two words: SPAY and NEUTER.

I had to give my 11 week old Maltese puppy yesterday because I found out that the apartment complex I live in had a change in landlords and this new landlord does not want animals of any sort on the property. I am thankful that the breeder was willing take my pup back, but I feel so sad and empty. I have been crying on and off.

You are not alone because I'm giving my dog away in a few/couple of months and I'm extremely sad,I wish I didn't have to get rid of her but I do my dad wants to get the house done up and she is a huskey and sheds.she is lovely I love her so much as a child and I'm crying all the time just waiting for the time to come.I just don't want to give her away because I know that I will miss her so so so much and it will also be hard for her because she lies on my bed at night time and sometimes daytime and she is used to inside and I don't want to give her to a family that is going to treat her bad and going to be nasty to her and not give her the love and attention she needs.And another reason is because I have had her for 2 years now and I'm so used to her being here with me and snuggling up to me and when she goes somewhere else I bet you she will start crying and will not get used to it.i hope this helps you but I'm really sad because of this.😭😭😢😞

I recently had to give my dog away. She was a rescue dog and we got her from an abusive family and I had her for a year. I had to give her to a pitbull rescue shelter because my boyfriend went to jail and I was homeless and pregnant for 2 months and couldn't take care of her. When he got out and we got back on our feet it was too late and she was adopted and I'm so sad still. I still cry sometimes and I want to break into the shelter and get the records of who adopted her and then take her back.

I bought my dog from a breeder and owned him for 5 years as my companion dog. I love him and had to surrender him when we lost our house to foreclosure. One day before finding him a new owner and it was too late, the shelter said he was already adopted out but I have nagging suspicion he wasn't. I can not forgive myself for what I did and I cried for months and still cry every other day and dreamed of him last night.

I am currently heart broken and I don't know what to do. My boyfriend and I bought a 8 week year old doxy/chihuahua mix and named her Ruby. We had her in my apartment for a week before I found out our apartment does not accept animals under a year of age. I just assumed we could have dogs of all age. So we had to bring her back to the pet store and I cried all night and day. Went to work with red puffy eyes. But when I got home from work I knew we had to get her back so we picked her back up from the pet store. We decided we were going to move and that my mom was going to watch her for two months while we looked for a place. But my little baby would cry all day at my moms and would act aggressive towards all of us while we were there. She was scared and didn't like being there. My mom already has a dog and could not give her enough attention. She kept barking and trying to bite us. The apartments that accept dogs were way out of our price range. I knew I couldn't deal with the stress. Plus I couldn't afford to move and pay for all the expenses that come along with having a puppy. So we had to bring her back for the last time. They don't give us a refund either. I spend all the money in my savings for her. I miss her so much and I can't stop crying. I want to have her back so badly. Should I drive back to the pet store? what do I do?

People need to be aware that most likely your pets will be killed if they are taken to any shelters. If people don't properly train an animal it's there fault that the dog is a mess. You can't then expect someone to undo it. If an animal is lucky enough to be adopted and it's returned it's deemed un-adoptable and then for sure will be killed. This is why people should not BUY animals as they then add to the glut of animals to be killed. Adopt through a rescue as many rescues know what the issues are with the dogs and also if they have raised it through puppyhood it will not have problems. Why sometimes it's better to adopt a dog over age 1. Most good 'rescue' groups will take their animals back if it doesn't work out. But most of all they try to match you up with the animal who has a personality that suits your lifestyle. An animal is a commitment. Don't go into it lightly. And always spay, neuter, ADOPT never buy a puppy! Safer to work with a rescue group. They will match you up and find you the best fit. Or go to a pure breed rescue. It's worth it.

my mom and dad want me to give my dog away..her name's Sam and she's a labrador retriever mix.. im actually trying my best to convince them not to..

i had to give away my golden retriever named chance and i am very sad

Yo just did the same thing last week still sad i took her to work with me and played with her but she was destructive to the furniture and house i moss her and i am trying to get her rescued cause she is a purebread boxer 2 yrs old a awesome dog poor baby

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My parents are threatening to sell my dog. And i can tell they are not kidding

I contacted Priest Gbenga at his website (priestgbengamagicpalace.webs.com) and he was eager to help me right away with my requests. He was very reliable always called and emailed throughout the process. He even gave me extra protection that I will always prosper. Thank you Priest Gbenga! His email is priest_gbenga.magic_templeATpriest.com

Well a lot of my dearest dogs died and I was heartbroken. and I miss them so much I'm so sorry

ive just read some of these posts and ive had the same story happen to me, about 1 year ago I had to move in with mum, mum knows I have 2 American staffs she was all ok until not even 2 weeks after I living there she started complainimg about my boys. long story short im still living at mums looking to go else where and no I never gave my boys away. there mine family or not family its like u telling me I need to give away my children. to this day we argue and relationship has gone down hill. people can say wat they will family is family ur mum is ur mum....well if she was my mum her knowing how much those boys to me she would never had pushed and argued for me to get rid of them. im so happy I stuck to my guns they will allways be with me no matter what...family no family....why should any animal be denied of loving family just because certain people r selfish...yes im angry and hurt but end of day I have my boys rocky n nibble who will never judge me and love 4everxx

I know I'm late but I had this golden retriever/ pit bull. She was only 3 months. She was the love of my life . but unfortunately where we live we can't have dogs and we had to give her away. My dad just took her about 20 mins ago and it sucks because I love her and already miss her. I can't stop crying , it hurts. I can't be in my house anymore because it reminds me of her ); I just really want her back.

My parents once took my dog back to the store but then saw how depressed me and my brother were so they brought her back home. Now her behavior is really bad and they regret getting a dog and want to send her back. I dont know what to do

Well I have a huskey and I'm getting rid of her because of my dad he doesent want her and he is saving a lot of money up and getting the house all fixed and done up nicer.So once my dad saves all the money up unfortunately we have to give her away.i feel very sad about it and don't want to do it but I'm going to have to and she will cry every night day and will never get used to where she's going.i hate that we have to give her away and I'm going to miss her very much and she's going to miss me very much because she sleeps on my bed at the bottom and she is sometimes in side and doesn't really love it outside I'm so sad I'm crying and once she's gone I'm going to cry and cry and cry

Omg. I just took mine today because of similar reasons! I literally made a mistake and I will put up with the bad I it meant I could get him back
I really miss him more than anything like I knew I would but I didn't know it would be this bad! Idk what to do
They said I can talk to the supervisor about getting him back but if they want money I'm broke :( so I'm pretty scared

Btw my baby's name was Charming... Because he was just that!! I didn't realize how in love I am with him
I miss him following me around and jumping all on me when I get home from work
I even miss yelling at him for chewing up something he shouldn't :) I spoiled him like he was my child
I feel so bad and I hope that he is ok
He loved his bed and I literally can't even look at it empty without crying
Everyone please wish me luck tomorrow when I go talk to the supervisor about getting him back
It was truly a mistake and I will appreciate him SO Much more if I get him back

He's going from sleeping in his own bed to sleeping in a cage... My gawd what have I done??!!!??!!!!

This is really late, but I really wanted to share.
I had my dog since I was 7 years old. I had her for 9 years, until my parents got a divorce. My mom thought that it wasn't nice that she was always home alone (and I agree) , and my dad wasn't allowed to have pets at his new house. My mom kept dropping hints that she might give her away, but I never thought she actually would. One day when she was at work and I was home alone with her, she called me and told me someone would be coming to pick her up in a few hours. I spent the rest of the day crying my heart out and holding my dog. I was absolutely devastated when the lady came to get my dog. She tried reassuring me that my baby would be fine, since she was always home and had another dog to play with, but that didn't make me feel better. I always try to tell myself that she is happier, but that just hurts me even more. I don't care if it's selfish, but I really wish she was still mine.

I had to give my beautiful dog up. Her name was annie and she could never learn how to get along with other dogs. So we had to give her up. The day she was walked out the door , every step she took i felt like another peice if my heart was being torn out. Now, i can barely breathe. I dont even know her new owners. What if they dont take care of her, what if they abuse her, what if she runs away and they dont chase her?!?! I need help guys someone help me find out who these people are PLEASE i miss her so so badly, i just wanna hold her on my chest like i used to while she slept. I wish i could pick her up and hold her while she kissed my face 😢😢😢😢😨😱😭😰😪

I gave my dog away 2 years ago. I was 14 and he was my first pet. I remember how mad I used to get everytime he did a mess and one day I gave up. We lasted 4 months together. And if it wasn't enough already, someone stole him from the new owners 2 months later. I never got the chance to visit him since it was far away. I still don't know if he's death or not, if he's happy or if whoever who has him doesn't treat him as good as he deserves, just like I didn't. I can't forgive myself yet for that little mistake and since then I can't even pet a dog

i even undergone this my husband love dog we bought a dog from adoption center and it was 2moths old puppy dog which is lab and german shepherd mix,i return back since my daughter start getting afraid on seeing its biting and aim also fear to touch near its mouth place since i when i was child my dad got a dog and it bited both my mom and dad ,so i was frighten to touch but i do rest things for it ,my husband don't want to take a risk ,but when i was giving it i was crying so bad.,i don't know why??

*This is my first Post* I just joined this site now because I saw this post from a google search and I had to join the discussion..
Yesterday, without my knowledge my parents gave away my honest to god first true love, my dog Russo. We got him as a puppy last year and ever since then I loved him and treated him as my brother. Me and my mother both treated him as our own little baby. And we baby'd him that's for sure. Whenever he walked into a room he was always our center of attention. We tried to walk him every single day because we knew how much he loved it. I swear on my life when I say I have never loved anything as much as I loved my Russo. I played with him every day and I always gave him hugs. He was so smart and thoughtful, he never barked unless it was an emergency and something scary. I taught him so many tricks such as play dead, roll over, handshakes, etc. Only because he was so damn smart! He was a beautiful dog as well. Every time I walked him I would always get kids, couples, moms; to come up to Russo to pet him and compliment how pretty he was. I loved my dog. I got him August 1st, 2014, the month before my senior year of High School. I remember it like yesterday, I walked into the Humane Society for the first time to just look at the animals. Then I saw Russo I knew he had to be apart of me and my family. I was extremely allergic to dogs when I was young, but then in my teen years my allergies started going away, and they left for good. My parents had never owned an animal before but It took me 3 weeks to look for a dog to adopt and then another week once I found Russo at the Humane Society. Senior year was an extremely busy time in my life. With AP classes, ACT's, Applying to Colleges, Jobs, and Sports. I was busy to say the least but with the help of my mom and some from my dad we always gave the best attention and care for Russo. Then the summer before college hit and my dad all of sudden got serious allergies from Russo. Russo started to shed a lot. We were able to control the shedding, but we weren't able to control my dad's out of the blue allergic reactions. My dad developed coughing and breathing problems. But I still don't know how that was from my dog and not the new pollen in the air. By the way, Russo is a German Shepherd mix, and he definitely looks like a Burmese Mountain Dog. I fought with my dad and my family for a month straight about returning Russo. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine living without him. So I fought and I tried to find ways to cure my Dad's out of the blue allergic reactions to the fur in the air. But then yesterday without telling me, my 23 year old sister, my mom, and my dad took Russo back to the Humane Society and returned him while I was at work. I didn't even get to say Goodbye or give one final fight. I have never felt so betrayed and hurt in my whole entire life. I have always had family problems with my dad especially. But Russo somehow made things better. But ever since my Dad started becoming stupidly allergic, things haven't been the same. Writing this post today I still can't believe I will never be able to see him again. I have screamed and cried since yesterday to today. I have honestly never felt such great sadness in my entire life. I loved Russo like he was my own little brother. The worst part is that I will have no idea what type or who adopts him next. If you knew me or my family when we had Russo, you would've laughed at how much attention and how much we spoil Russo. But you also would've known how much we loved Russo with our whole Heart. And now he is at the Humane Society, probably thinking he is at doggy daycare, and waiting for me or my mom to pick him up and hug him and walk him, and feel him, and play fetch with him, and have him come into my bed while we sleep and I talk my problems away to him as he patiently sits and listens. I don't think I could ever get another dog once I am done with college and independent. Even though my time with him was just 2 months shy of a year. The feelings and brotherly love I feel for Russo will last for the rest of my life.

Thanks to all of you, you make me feel a lot better and not alone when I read your posts about your experiences.

I part with my patchy a pedigree dalmatian dog.I feel very sad too...but I will always try to understand.you too cheer up!:)

I gave away our Cece yesterday and I was crying myself to sleep last night. I felt so sad! It is true you can never really appreciate something until its gone. We have to gave her away because we didn't think we are giving her the time she deserves. My husband and I work the whole day. I feel you!!!

It is the hardest giving up something you love so much

I am currently going through having a slightly different, yet similar experience.
So My baby's name is Casper. He's a beautiful Chiwawa-Poodle Mix and I've had him for 7 years. My sister's friend gave him to us just when he was a pup cause her boyfriend was abusing him, so we took him in.
Due to rent issues and tension between the land lord and my dad we had to move away and this new place has a no dog policy, even though he's well behaved most of the time, when no one's home he gets scared and cries and barks so the old bitter drunk sea hag new neighbor (LOL) started to complain so my dad decided that he should go live in Texas with my sister. TEXAS. And I'm really scared cause it was her and her friend's idea to bring him in and she started caring for him less and less, until she finally moved away, and he grew extremely attached to my mom, dad & I over the years. I'm such a mess right now I can't even imagine how my parents feel, I'm the youngest out of my siblings (19) so Casper's like my little brother! Their son!
And another thing is that she already has two other dogs and a cat, like I honestly don't trust her with him and I feel like she's not going to give him the attention he needs. And he hates other dogs. Cause he's spoiled and thinks he's a human. LOL like he has his own wardrobe and he'll sit on the couch and he'll only pee when he's being walked or inside in the mornings but cleaning up is no biggie at all. He specifically likes his wet food and dry food combined and will only eat with the bowl on the couch & etc.,... see what I mean? He's a human-dog!
He's like my best friend. I'd talk to him about EVERYTHING and he'd just look back at me with his beautiful brown eyes and his cute wet black nose and his adorable floppy ears. Ugh the my eyes are so dried up cause I've been crying non stop.
He's a little weirdo, but he's MY weirdo! LOL
I'm just scared that he's going to forget me or die from having an anxiety/panic attack, I'm too broke to be constantly flying to Texas to go and see him. I can go like once a year.
I just want him to be safe and happy and be treated right and not neglected by my airhead sister.
I'm going to go give him as much kisses I possibly can. I love you Casper.

I was forced to give up my dog to save my marriage and the health of our upcoming baby. I never thought I had to give my dog. I imagined him as part of the family. I got my dog, after my first divorce. I raised him up from a puppy and trained him my own. Taught him tricks. He was a playful loveable dog, barked only when the doorbell. Loved people and played like a puppy. I spoiled him with toys and clothing. Like most dogs loved his walks and runs. Ignored barking dogs behind fences. He was incredibly smart. When i chilled on the coach he would jump up and snuggle right beside me. He taught me how to be responsible for another life, taught me I could love again. I owed him my life. But things changed when my new wife was introduced.

He loved my second wife like everyone else my dog met. She warmed up to him and played with him. Our first baby that we were expecting was miscarried and we were devastated but he was there for us. BUT slowly she would force my dog to stay in the kitchen alone. I started neglecting his care because my wife wanted more attention. I failed my my time management with him to keep up his health. And he developed yeast infection in his ear and started having reactions to gluten which made him smell bad. This was my fault.

Then we were blessed again and we are expecting again. BUT Before it was too late to treat my neglected dog and take him to the vet, my new wife forced me to get rid of him. I begged to let me please take care of him it's a simple fix. I feel pretty depressed now, he was with me for 9yrs! Last weekend I had to find someone desperately to take him in. My sister came to the rescue and saved him and took care of him until a new family can be found for him. I never knew how much I loved my 'SON'. I never told him until his final day with me. I find myself running downstairs to let him go potty and he's not there. I find myself coming home and looking for his big black eyes on white fur waiting for us in the kitchen and he's not there. I'm depressed and still in shock. I can't sleep and eat, and find myself dreaming of my dog running with me and my family. Even though my wife and I are expecting to have a baby soon, I should be excited that I'm going to be a dad but apart of me is not. But a big part of me is gone. This happened so quickly. I feel a little resentment towards my wife and i shouldn't...I'm mad, sad and disappointed. I feel it's unfair to be given an ultimatime to choose between her and the baby or get rid of the dog. Am i wrong to feel the way i feel?

I feel so horrible for you! she should never have asked you to give up your pet - especially if there were no allergies.

I feel for you! I was only with my puppy Cece for two months and I can almost relate to you. I am in so much pain right now.

I am forced to make a very difficult decision right now. I have had an american bulldog since he was a puppy and he is 5 now. When he was 2 i got a pit bull from a co worker that he couldnt keep due to a new baby and the pit was very hyper. I was worried that the two wouldnt get along but they did. In fact they were best buds. Just in the past few months they have grown to hate each other and have got into 4 fights. Not just a nibble here and there but trying to kill each other. The pit is much smaller by about 100lbs so he gets the worst of it. I have been bitten multiple times trying to stop them. ( they dont realize that they are biting me). Both the dogs are extremely loving to me and my family and have NEVER intentionally bit any of us. Both my dogs are extremely attached to us and we are even more attached to them. Now i cant even let them run in the house together. I found a rescue in Tennessee which is 5hrs from me that does not put the dogs in kennels but instead puts them directly into foster homes, that would be the only way i would give them to a rescue and i would never take them to the pound. I was telling my co worker about the situation and now that the baby has grown up he said he will take the pit back which makes me happy that they will love him as much as we did but its still very difficult to get rid of him after 3yrs. And im also afraid that i will hate my bulldog for making me do this. Any suggestions on how to make this any easier on me and my family? My dogs are like my kids and it kills us to have to make this decision.

My boyfriend bought me a pom for christmas. I got him when he was 2 months old and now hes 6 months. My mom and i have got into several fights because of my dogs bad behavior. He poops and pees where ever he wants. He has attitude but hes also a cheese ball and is super sweet. Im torn apart because my mom keeps telling me to give up my dog. But i love him so much and i know i will cry everyday of my life if i had to give up my baby but im sooo exhausted im so lost what do i do . I want to keep my precious baby. Even the thought of giving up my dog makes me cry i know if i give him up ill never be able to live with that decision.

Usually this indicates the dog needs boundaries on right and wrong. You have to be the pack leader and show puppy you're the alpha. It's hard to think that way but you have to, it's hard because the puppy is so darn cute. BUT trust me, It will pay off in the long run. If he has attitude you will need to correct that as you are the Alpha.

He is still young and i am sure you could find him a good home with people who had the time and desire to train him.

Do NOT I repeat NOT give him up
I promise you you will hate yourself and regret it
Your mind will NOT be able to be off of him for more than 5 minutes
I am not being mean I am being completely honest
I understand that he poops and pees and might tear things up and it can be VERY frustrating but honestly trust me he is worth going through it for
You literally will miss having to clean it up and start training him or kennel training him I promise that is the perfect way to potty train a puppy with a kennel
It's sad and hard because it's like punishment in a way but in the long run it will help you keep your puppy and he will be potty trained
You have to let him know where it is ok to pee and poop at(not sure if it's outside or on newspaper or something) but please just give him a chance

I have a shih-tzu poodle mix boy named Luffy. He's six months old and we have to give him up. My step dad doesn't like dogs in general and has developed anxiety because of Luffy. Even though he goes outside and is a good boy. Though he occasionnaly nips and barks, it's only for attention, and I feel so bad. My parents say that I can get a new dog when I move out (I'm thirteen) but I want Luffy to stay by my side, and I feel it would be betrayal to get another dog when I know I gave up on him and he's still somewhere out there in the world. And it's not like he will be waiting for me and I can just take him back after five years. But it's not like I can refuse when it's causing a major depression within my stepdad. I don't know what to do.

I am 14 years old and 5 months ago we bought a husky. everything was going just fine, I mean I was happy. I walked him in the morning, 3-4 a day. but things started to go worse by time to time, he didnt do his "business" outside and my mom was freaking out, I started to have little less time, and now my mom and dad are thinking of giving him away. and I just cant... Cant imagine leaving without him, not being waken up by him. I just cant imagine that my house will be empty when I will get back from school. and I just cant believe that one day he will wake up somebody else, he will walk with somebody else....I just dont want to imagine him leaving without me, and me leaving without him. I mean I cant stop crying right now, I dont think my parent give a **** about it. I just dont know how I will handle it, i dont know why I am even writing it... Everything is just so f*cked up.

Gave away my 9 week year old german shepherd away today. I had to because of my sudden tight work schedule that required me to move from place to place for long periods of time. Mia had beautiful eyes and would follow me around everywhere. She would wake me up at 7 ever morning to take her out for a walk. I was never a morning person until she came and changed my life. I never knew that I would wake up excited at 7 am to take her on walks and play with her. She really did change my life. All I did today was lay in my room next to her house. I know one day I'll have to take her house and her belongings out of my room, but for now I think I'll stay in the moment and grieve over choosing my work over my little baby. Hope you grow big, strong, & healthy Mia. Love you.

I left my beloved westie behind when I divorced- it only seemed fair, as I took the kids, I couldnt leave my ex all alone, when I had three gorgeous children for company.
I really miss him, and I wish that I could have kept him - buying a new dog seems like a betrayal as Snowy is still alive.
It would be so mean to demand Snowys return now after 2 years, he may not even remember me, but I cant get over my sweet little dog. Dont want to upset dog or ex or new partner, who doesnt like Snowy - would love to be more selfish and not care about all that.

I gave my dog Chili to a foster home over 10 years ago. At the time I felt like it was my only option. My life was a mess, and as many of the people on here I was being kicked out of my townhouse because my neighbors were complaining about my dog. Now all these years later, I still cry and I miss Chili so much. I feel there were other options that at the time I just didn't consider. I was young and on my own. I just wish I had considered what I was doing more and how it would haunt me later. I will probably never forgive myself and sometimes feel like it was just yesterday that I saw Chili. The pain is still strong. I would relive all those hard years if I could have the choice to make over again. The decisions we make live with us forever. Sometimes they surface years later and can be crushing. I'm sorry Chili. I feel I gave up on you and regret it to this day. My heart is still broken.

Everyone should read the article, "Man chooses homelessness rather than giving up Pitbull." Just my 2 cents.

Sorry I'm late to the party on this, but I have to respond. Reading this is making me cry and miss my golden retriever, Luna, more. I'm leaving my parents home in a few days to move in with my fiance. Sadly, at this time I can't take her with me. I knew 5 years ago when I got her as a puppy that eventually when I moved out, she would most likely stay with my parents and their dog. It was what was agreed upon between my parents since I knew when I moved out that I would potentially start out someplace she couldn't follow. Both dogs grew up together and my parents know all that's needed to know about her, so I have no worries to that. I guess I'm part of the lucky crowd that she's going to be with someone I can come back to visit, but it still breaks my heart having to give her up as "my dog".

Hi so my dog had to have someone that could give him constant care do to medical problems. My one tip is not to cry because he is gone rember all the good times he would want u to be happy

I have a 3yr old Shih tzu. Don't get me wrong I love him so much. It's just that I think he is bipolar. One minute he is sweet the next time his bitting me. I just was bitten on my upper lip. I'm trying my very best to explain to my boyfriend maybe he is just confused because he bit right after I carried him to not attack the person knocking at the door. My mom & my boyfriend likes me to give him up, in a way I'm torn, I love him so much. But I can't have scars all over right? Please help me... What should I do

On Sat. we are going to have to give up Leo. He is my 9 mn. old Yorkie. I don't want 2 let him go. I love him and I don't want 2 give up on him but I don't know what 2 do. The problem is that he will NOT stop barking, biting & going in the house. The vet won't give him any anxiety meds. I walk him 100x/day to go to the bathroom & 4 exercise. I play w/ him (he has a 1000 toys). We bought him natural herbs and they don't work. I tried warm milk w/ honey & that works but gives him diarrhea. I tired oatmeal but he doesn't eat it. He's too small 4 a shock collar. What else can I do? I tired picking up his water & putting it down every so many hours so I know exactly when he drinks it so I take him out but then he think it isn't okay to drink it & he doesn't drink any. When we eat he barks to have some and then we give him whatever we're eating & then he doesn't eat it. My heart is broken. I love him so much. He can go for hours being wonderful & pleasant. Then he does for hours being horrendous & unbearable to live with. By giving him away I feel like I punishing for how he acts half the time. This isn't once a week or once every 3-5 days. This is EVERYDAY! EVERYDAY he's good for hours, then he's bad for hours; then he's good for hours then he's bad for hours. I'm hurting so bad. He keeps cuddling w/ me & kissing me. It's making it THAT much harder. How can I give him away? I'm going 2 miss him so much. I love him so much. He's always scratching @ the doors to b w/ me. The WHOLE reason why he barks & bites ALL the time is solely because he wants CONSTANT attention. He's NOT a bad dog @ ALL! He doesn't mean ANY harm. Like I said he can go 4 hours being SO good. Thus, by giving him away I feel like I'm abandoning him because of how he acts HALF of the time. I love him. I don't know what to do.

Reading these makes me so sad I have a foxy jack russell and could not imagine life without him he saved me we have just been removed from our home due to the no pet policy I was running out of time there was no way he was getting taken from me then I got a flat of our own right in the nick of time people may think I'm crazy moving and changing my life for what some ignorant people call "just a dog" but he is my baby and he is my life love him more than anything and will use all my resources until it's my last one to not lose him so sorry for all the losses on here xxxxx

I don't have or had a dog but I'm giving my guinea pigs away soon, I love them but I can't even get them out of the cage to clean it. I'm scared I will regret it because I love them but they don't love me back

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I had to give away my best friend, my little GG she is a cross staffy & jack Russell because we were made homeless and I had no where my baby could stay. God I miss her so much. If only life was easy and I had my own place.

I handed her to an animal rescue, it has now been a week and 4 days I miss her so much. I miss when every morning she would wake up at 6am to lay next to me in bed, placing her neck on mine.
I miss giving her belly rubs, hugs and kisses.

I miss playing with her. I miss you my little GG so, so much. Can't stop crying, this is too much.

Omg I just gave away my 8 week old puppy because I'm moving to an apartment that's all carpet & she is soooo not trained n were moving on the first also I found a flea on her n I have a 2 yr old so I just couldn't have that but omg I just feel so sad I pray that she goes to a good home the new owner says he will treat her good and he has other dogs but u just never know!! I'm heartbroken :/ I regret it so much :( I love you clementine I'll be praying for you Babygirl!

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I had to give up my little chihuahua mix. He was my best friend. He made me so happy. I was dealing with depressed and self harm but when i meet Riley he was my light! He help me feel happy again, he help me feel love. I had to get rid of Riley because we were moving and my step dad didn't want him need a new house. I had to give him to a animal shelter. He got a adopted after three days. I miss him a lot. It been three months now and I still cry. I been having nightmare about him. I just wish he had a good home and some to love him! I just want him back!!! I miss him!!!! :'g

I had to get rid of my dog last December, and I'm still crying over it! he was my best friend, I mean it, I swear he was my guardian angel or something! anyways my mom tells me over lunch that I have to get rid of him because we are moving into a rented house (even though we've been living in a rented house for the past two years) and I just broke down, I hate crying in front of people, but I couldn't help it.

what makes me angry is that nobody made any decisions with me regarding my dog. so next thing I know we are driving 1000's of miles up north to dump him at my sisters friend's mom's house. all she does is sit there and let her other dogs run around in a small back yard filled with poop.

I still haven't gotten over it and I now resent many people for it.
I have so much anxiety ( no thanks to school) and my dog was the only place where I felt like I could just breathe, he was my escape from whatever.

Ive had this puppy for 2 weeks now and i have to give him away because the owner of the house dont want a dog in the house and i honestly am heartbroken and i been crying nonstop since yesterday , we giving him away today and i feel like a part of me is getting taken away

My husband and I got our first puppy yorkie pom after being married for a month or so ) which was a mistake). Because we had to move back in with my parents and kept our puppy at his brothers place. I feel like I missed his childhood and didn’t get to see him as often. Then we decided to get another puppy pure pom since we were getting a house with his brother and wife. Unfortunately our marriage isn’t working out and we have to give the dogs away. My husband tried asking me to give dogs away before our separation, but every time he talked about it, I would cry. So now, I can’t keep the dogs since my mother and sister have allergies… and I can’t afford a separate place yet. My heart is breaking in pieces, I’m crying every night. Any puppy, any picture of the dogs makes me cry. I went to see them not too long ago and the way they were kissing me and looking at me made my heart break even more.. My husband is going to give them away to humane societies on monday… I just can’t accept the fact that everything I dreamed of is falling apart. Those puppies are my happiness, my babies.. People don’t understand how attached you get and how hard it is to give them away. I wanna make sure they have good owners, not given away to shelters or anything.. but I don’t think my husband understands..

I have to give my dog away becuz I am getting a new dog and I feel horrible its not fair I wish I could keep both but we can't cuz he might get mu new dog pregnet :*(

yup, i got a puppy for my birthday and she was a huskey, my mom then broke her ankle on our step and we had to give my dog away, i was sobbing non- stop for 4 or 5 days. im so sorry but its a sign that there is another out there, the one you had isnt the one. good luck :) i found out i had a litter of kittens made for me :D and hopefully we can get another dog! good luck and im sorry! dont feel bad :)

I had brought a 8 week old jack russell. When I went in the pet shop my intentions was to buy a pam a poo that I seen online but she was bigger then what I expected. Then I saw my baby and it was love at first sight. She was so tiny and shy but when I picked her up she balled up right under my heart and clug to me as though she knew I would be her owner. almost 2 weeks later I lost my job and couldn't afford to pay rent so I had to move back in with my grandma who has a no tolerance for dogs so I was forced to get rid of her when I moved out 2 weeks later. I seriously think about her all the time. I didn't think the pain of losing having to give her to another family would hurt this badly. I'm constantly concerned about her well being and if she's safe with her new family. She had a few behavior issues but was truly a great and loving dog. I just want her back...

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I had to gave my 2 dogs back to the humane society just recently and they told me I can get my dogs back ....... I went back 2 weeks later and they f*** sent them 2 another humane society , so we went there ---- and they were not there !!! ............................... so we went 2 another humane society n NOTHING ........................... we are soooooooo MAD !!
plz help what can we do !!!!!!!!!

Yes I did yesterday. I cry all the time. She was sooo loving but would not respond to training. I loved her kisses.

hey darl. Last week I had to give my dog away. He constantly barked and council threatened to take him away. It was only meant to be a trial and then he would come back but they ended up keeping him and I don't get to see him for another 2 months and I'm so upset too :( I didn't even get to say buy. You are not alone! Xxxx

I have just experienced the same thing. He was housebroken when I got him. He has a control thing with my other dogs. I missed him and went back to get him, and know he is peeing in my floor. My fault, do not do this, be sure you want to give the dog up.

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this (btw sorry my 1st language is not english). I have been depressed about this matter for about a year now...I didn't give my dog away yet but I am thinking about it because it seems like I have no other choice left. Here is my story: In 2005, my dad remarried with a much younger woman who BEGGED him every single day for a child...to keep her quiet he bought her a puppy. So one day I got home from school and saw this little puppy in our living room… I was so upset! Even though I love animals, I never wanted a pet cuz I knew how much of a hassle it is to take care of them (taking them for a walk everyday,cleaning after them, etc..). But after a few weeks I fell in love with this german shepard (we named him Bernard). My stepmother didn’t have a job so she spent her whole days at home playing with the dog and everything was fine…until her biological clock started ticking again. My dad would still not give her a child (he already had 3 teenagers) so they decided to get a divorce. In 2008, when the divorce was finalized, my stepmother went back to her native country and my dad bought a new house(and kept Bernard). After my ex-stepmother left the picture, my dad realized he would have to start taking care of Bernard himself. so to escape his responsabilities, he decided to crate the dog in the garage, where the dog can see and hear us but not interact with us since there is a babygate to prevent him from walking around the house. That way, he only has to open the garage exit to let him go out and put his food and water in the garage area. So basically it’s been 5 years since my dog is living in the garage. This is such a disgusting thing to do. Because of the dust in the garage his skin got very itchy and he cries bcuz he is separated from us. I try to reason my father and tell him that what he does is unfair to bernard but he just doesn’t care. A year ago he announced to me that he was thinking about bringing Bernard to a shelter (where they euthanize dogs after 48 hours!!) and since this day I have been incredibly depressed. I begged him not to do it because I figure he is already old (almost 9 years old) and he only has a few years before he passes away. I know that I am selfish but even though Bernard has a crappy life living in the garage, I don’t want him to be euthanized, it is too sad to die like this. Anyway so a few weeks ago I learned that I have been accepted to pursue a Master’s degree in another state. I want to take Bernard with me but I can’t find any affordable apartment that allow big dogs (he is 100 lbs). Initially, my plan was to live Bernard at my dad’s for 2 years and when I get my masters degree I would start working and buy a pretty house just for me and Bernard and we would live happily…But I know that I cannot leave Bernard with my that in the meantime because I know that as soon I will step out the house he will take him to that stupid shelter to have him killed. I don’t know what to do...there is a place about 5 hours from my house where they adopt a few dogs to help train vet students…I contacted them and they assured me that they never euthanize dogs and take care of them until they find a new family…I know the smartest option at the moment is to bring Bernard over there but my heart won’t let me do it…please help me think through this I love my dog so much and don’t want to live without him…I have been crying myself to sleep for a year trying to find a decision…:(

Find someone to take care of your dog until you finish school. Hope this response wasn't too late, and if it was I hope it turned out ok for bernard and for you.

I recently surrendered my neutered male chihuahua puppy to the Arizona Humane Society. I knew I made a mistake when I was driving home and I was crying about it. I regret it so much now. I was so wrong about it. I still cry about it when I think about it. I later found out that they euthanize the majority of the dogs surrendered to them, so, they probably euthanized my puppy as soon as I left. Had I known what I know now, I would not have surrendered him to them. I would have kept him and struggled with all my financial issues and tried to keep him forever. I miss the way he used to look up at me, and look me right in my eyes. He was so sweet and loving. I miss him so much. It was the worst mistake of my entire life so far.

Hi, I would like to share my experience with you guys. I am a student ( dealing with rent and uni ) and I have a beautiful 3y old cane corso, Magnus. It's very hard, here, to find rent if you own pets..but I was doing ok. Last year, my baby boy Magnus found under a parked car, a little puppy left there, she had 1week most, so I took care of her ( I wasn't planning to get a second dog, but I could not let her die there ).. and now she's a loving doughnut. Here comes the crying part. I have to give up the place I rented because I got fired from my job and I don't have the money to keep up. I tried many other renting homes but the landlords does not rent pet friendly and I have to move out at the end of this month, so, I think I have to give up the baby girl for this purpose, but can't deal with the pain; also..she escaped from the yard many times as she would like to get away, far from here. Is it selfish of me to keep her and continue with this situation ? It will be better for her if she finds another good loving family ? Don't know what to do. Next year I will continue my uni in Germany and I don t know if I will find rent there for both my dogs.

My apartment complex told me they were dog and "pet friendly". About a month after I moved in they posted a memo on my door saying my dog was not in compliance with their pet policy, meaning he was over 50 lbs. a detail I was never told in the move in or lease signing process. The memo said the dog had to be removed immediately even though they had already taken my pet deposit and "pet rent". The office manager was very cold to me and blandly stated I would be reimbursed what I had paid in pet fees and graciously gave me 3 whole days to rehome my dog. Since I have two roommates who are living in fear of "the man" and didn't want me to rock the boat too much I couldn't really fight back much. Luckily my mom was able to keep my dog for a couple months and the apartment people told me I could have my dog over on the weekends, this turned out to be a blatant lie because I ended up getting yet another memo stating the dog was not to be on the premises whatsoever.

I had a 1 1/2 year old, precious, loving, gentle, male greyhound whom I rescued from the humane society in Houston, TX when he was only 2 months old. I moved back to Indiana and he came with me; he was, and is, like my child. I seriously loved this dog more than anything. I eventually decided that all the back and forth between my mom's place and my own as well as all the trouble I was getting from the goblins in the office was too much stress on my sweet boy. I found a not for profit that specially fosters and adopts greyhounds in my area and I met with an adoption representative and she took my pup into her home that day.

I feel confident that he's in good hands and being well taken care of but I simply cannot let go. I feel like I should have done more. I feel like I didn't give him a good life, basically I just want him with me because yes I'm selfish and I feel like the only way for him to have a good life is to be with me. I'm coherent enough to know that this is not necessarily true but I can't help but to still be grieving. I broke down in a Subway this past week, I cry just talking about him, I feel like I've lost a family member because well I have. My poor girlfriend is going to start thinking I'm mad and bless her heart she tries to comfort me as much as possible but I guess I'm looking for some support or possible suggestions to moving on and being happy for my Eber. Thanks

It's hard to go through something like this, specially if you hAve kids, they get so attached. And I been trying to let go. And my son ask for a new puppy, and it's so hard. I think even If I were to get a new puppy in a few years ago, it just wouldn't be the same. It's been a
month now that I sold him, and seems that I miss him more everyday,

I had to give my english springer alfie up yesterday hes gone to work as a police sniffer dog buts been the hardest thing ive ever done my family are in bits I feel ive given away one of my children , he was perfect in every way but was a working springer and we were not giving him enough exercise and stimulating training both my wife are now both working long hrs leaving alone and I felf it was wrong but now I feel like ive made the biggest mistake I want him back so bad totally gutted

My dog "Lucy" is an Australian Shepherd and that was the same problem we had. Most of the time she took me for a walk. Broke many leashes.

Your not alone. I gave my dogs away for a job and I have been crying for 2 1/2 weeks. I couldn't stop them from peeing on everything. And now i have a broken heart.

I am so sorry...
I know how you feel! :'(
Our puppy Peanut wasn't house trained, ad she barked sometimes.
But she is really nice!
unfortunately our busy schedule just cant keep her the way she deserves.
So my mom is trying to find a home for her right now! My Grandma might have found someone, and she came just a bit ago to take her home and try and see if it will work, and I am already bawling my eyes out!!! I miss her sooooooooo much!!! D':

Thank you. I still miss them. They will always be in my heart. I still cry when I think about them. I drive a truck for a living and I think they are better off running in a yard. Just keep in mind when you have such a busy schedule that you really are doing the best thing for your dog. My thoughts are with you. Sincerely jeannie

Did your grandma find a home for peanut

I can identify with our story. I had the most handsome 6 month beagle perfect dog, and unfortunately we had to sell him, I have kids and don't have a backyard and was getting too stressful for me, it wasn't the dog, it was me. But he was great and now I miss him everyday. I know he went to a good home, but I just wish I would of kept him, my son ask for him everyday, and I feel horrible. I think it was the biggest mistake ever.

I know Jake has gone on to better things but I can't get rid of this horrible feeling of grief I've lost my best friend Jaky and i feel sick with sadness. Please give me your opinion.

I just wanted to add that from other peoples stories they have said it was absolitely impossible for them to keep their dog what makes it worse is when I think about it I know we could of made it work somehow we would of struggled but we would of made it work but at the same time I think i had become lazy and was walking Jake less and less I was depriving the dog of his biggest daily
need exercise. I know where he was gone he will be loved well fed and exercised and also he even has a canine friend a one year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I am so heartbroken,two days ago we rehomed our 3 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jake. Our new house is a lot smaller than our old one and we now have a 5 week old baby. Me and my girlfriend were finding it harder because of the lack of space and struggling with the dog and the baby it was causing arguments between us so after a really hard time we decided it would be best for Jake and us if we found him a loving new home. So 2 days ago he went with a young couple with a female staff. I know deep down I done the right thing and he will a better life with his new family but it's so hard it's cut me apart I can't stress to you how much we love Jake. Nothing feels the same without him i feel so empty and alone i have lost my best friend. He was such a great loving obedient dog who loved everyone and everything he never had a bad bone in his lit tle body. Did I do the right thing? I would appreciate feedback and other peoples stories. Thank you.

feels the same I feel so emptu and lonely I've

I had a beautiful chihuahua her name was chiquita and I had the same expirence as most of you she was peeing every were and riping everything and my mom was very angry because she was destroying the whole
Entire house so I was forced to give her away but luckly I gave her away to a family friend but I cried soooo much because she was like my baby she loved me so much every time I would leave her site she would cry i am so upset but I understood my mom I would not of liked her to be destroying my things but I still really miss her :'(

In 2012 I lost my job and my apartment and then i was living in my car with my 2 year old dog. I could'nt provide for her or even myself and it was so unfair to her to be hungry or cold because i had to be. So finally i forced myself to take her to a no kill shelter and i miss her and wonder about her life now everyday I hope i did what was best for her. My life is better now and i hope hers is happy and full of love too

Touching story thanks for shareing you did the right thing for your dog

I guess i had to learn my lesson, as i now understand people better...before when i went to pet shelter i used to think in my mind with prejudgement about the people that gave their dogs away..now i know they probably went through similar feeling like i have..in a way i grew with this i think...but still i miss that sweetie very much...

Thanks for sharing. To me happened the same. i was overwhelmed. It was gonna be my second dog...and in the beginning i had trouble getting used, even though she was gorgeous...The smell changed in th entire house, it was a strong smell, she peed and pooed everywhere even though she was 2 years and they sayed she was clean. so that came like a surprise, then she wasnt beeing so friendly to my dog and nobody of my friends and family kept me strong, they all sad i was crazy to get a second dog...so i gave up...i regret it at the end so much and feel like a bad person! i have never felt like this before..i cried and wanted her back but they refused. a pet protection organization..they said you had your chance and you blew it after just one day of returning! unbelieveable!!!i
it is definately a leeson that i learned. think twice before you tell someone to go....and it is true, we r not self centered and have to stop hating ourselves for it...we were just overwhelmed and nobody there to help....with my first dog my ex told me there is no turning back it is our dog now...now i am thankful for his strict attitude back then. thanks to him i still have my dog, he is 6 years. dont know why i didnt make it with my second dog..maybe one day i will get another chance...i hope ....:'(

Thanks for sharing. To me happened the same. i was overwhelmed. It was gonna be my second dog...and in the beginning i had trouble getting used, even though she was gorgeous...The smell changed in th entire house, it was a strong smell, she peed and pooed everywhere even though she was 2 years and they sayed she was clean. so that came like a surprise, then she wasnt beeing so friendly to my dog and nobody of my friends and family kept me strong, they all sad i was crazy to get a second dog...so i gave up...i regret it at the end so much and feel like a bad person! i have never felt like this before..i cried and wanted her back but they refused. a pet protection organization..they said you had your chance and you blew it after just one day of returning! unbelieveable!!!i
it is definately a leeson that i learned. think twice before you tell someone to go....and it is true, we r not self centered and have to stop hating ourselves for it...we were just overwhelmed and nobody there to help....with my first dog my ex told me there is no turning back it is our dog now...now i am thankful for his strict attitude back then. thanks to him i still have my dog, he is 6 years. dont know why i didnt make it with my second dog..maybe one day i will get another chance...i hope ....:'(

Why so many people gave their dog away here? Pls....think carefully before u adopt or having a pet....having it and giving them away will hurt his/ her's feeling....Before having a pet, u must think carefully and do some reasearch regarding which breed nature will suits u and ur family, you also must hv mental prepared with ur time, ur money and dealing with their poops. Once u decided to bring him or her home, no matter how, taking care of them till the end of their lifes is your responsibility...

I agree you shouldt just give up on your pet ive had pet dogs all my life but sometimes if your circumstances change and you can no longer give you dogs the best life I feel its kinda to rehome no one on this site ive seen has no feelings they trying to come to terms with there tough and very painful decision

Hi, Iet me share my experience. I sold my dog because I lost my job and felt Iit was going to be hard to buy his food and vet costs. I also feel I was not giving him enough attention. It was my first pet. I began to feel very sad after a couple of days and tried to contact the person I sold him to but he never answered the phone so I went to the neighborhood he said he lived in, and began asking the neighbors if they knew the person and all my efforts were in vain. I walked the whole neoghborhood for 4 days, asking everyone, that´s how desperate I was. I intended to give the man twice as much the amount he paid me. I now realize that I was giving him quality time and good food but because of my inexperience with pets, I thought I wasn´t. Also losing my job left me stressed. I dream with Zeus, my Malinois very often and if I can´t see him again I plan on buying another one from the same breeder. Lesson learned, only sell or give away a dog if it´s virtually impossible for you to take care of him. I fell guilty and bad. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, I learned a lot here. If you can´t have your dog anymore, give it to someone who you know will take care of him well.

Please don't go to a breeder. there are so many malinois who like yours were purchased and wound up in a shelter. It is not fair to support breeding new dogs when so many fine rescues are available. Please google Malinois Rescue in your area. THere will be one waiting for you to provide his forever home. This will make you feel better about giving your dog up too

thank you for the advice. I didn't think of that possibility before.

Hi. I'm jasmine. I'm 11 years old and I have a golden Labrador called Belle who is only 1 years old. Before I got her, I always begged for a golden lab. At Christmas I finally got one. I started crying with happiness! Me and Belle had the closest bond. I did everything with her. But the problem was, she was really naughty. We kept her for a year. 2 months later (today) my mum sat me down and told me that we were going to have to rehome her. I think because I'm such a young age it has been a bit harder for me. I started crying straight away and throwing stuff, I just felt so angry. I didn't have anything to eat. I still havnt. I ran to my dog and stayed with her, stroking her and crying almost all day. She seemed so happy, I just don't want her to go. I then went upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom for a while. I just don't know how I'm gunna handle it when she's gone. I have already told my mum that I want to kill myself, so I think she will be worried about me. I don't want to die, but I don't want to live without belle. It should be me moving out of the house first, and she would be coming with me, not her going out of the house before me and us never seeing each other again. I think I am going to be suffering depression for a long, long time now :'(

Today I had to give away my new puppy who is absolutely gorgeous and I feel like I've already become attached to him. He always knew where to go to the toilet and was so soft and never hurt anyone. He played with all the dogs and lived to please people. I was decanted today, I found out that he has a major heart problem, and the place I bought him from failed to see this problem. I was told he would live one, maybe two years at best. I had no choice but to take him back. I have 3 other animals (one is a dog) and my family could not bear to get more attached to this dog only for our hearts to be more broken when he died only a year later. I cannot stop crying because to see a tiny puppy having such a short life devastates me, and he was such a good beautiful dog. I miss him so much already.

I don't want to sound horrible here but if that dog only has two years to live (maybe) why would you take him back?
You could of given him a great 2 years of his life but now he could end up with owners that don't really care too much and his 2 years could be horrible for him.
Sorry but i find this quite selfish of you.

My boyfriend decided to get me a puppy after I had lost my dog of eight years. We purchased my baby from a friend for $50. He was a miniature pincer/chihuahua, with the biggest brown eyes and the cutest orange eyebrow spots. He was such a sweetheart, I wanted to be with him 24/7. We named him Yuri.
The first night I got him, he was so scared, i sang him "Across the Universe" by The Beatles, and he stared at me while I sang, licking me when I'd stop.
The baby.
He was so adorable and playful and perfect, The way he would get excited and pounce, playfully biting you...
He would wear himself out so quickly, one moment he'd be chewing on your fingers, the next, getting comfortable on your chest, resting his head on your sternum, his sleepy eyes staring into your eyes, letting you know he loved you...
I was his mommy. He was my baby.
He started to learn his name, and it was the cutest thing... "Yuri", and he'd turn to you, his ears flopping as he bounded towards you..
He would cuddle next to you, whine until you cuddled back, and he'd lick you anytime he caught you eyeing him.
He was so playful... he'd make up new games everyday, like biting my boyfriend's hair and pulling it until it was straightened, and smacking it with his paw.
In such a short amount of time Yuri stole both my boyfriend's and my heart easily.
Unfortunately the living situation for Yuri fell through, and we had to give him back to our friend.
I honestly sobbed for hours.
The last night I got to hold him I couldn't stop crying.. I sang him "Oh! Darling" by The Beatles.. trying to remind myself it was for the best. "Oh! Darling, please believe me
I'll never do you no harm
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm"
Oh goodness... I know my boyfriend is in pain, but I am an emotional wreck. Yuri was our baby.
We don't know what to do with ourselves. We miss him so terribly.

We just parted ways with our sweet troubled dog after too many dangerous encounters with our toddler. We adopted him 3 years ago and he was bruised emotionally. We got through to him after a while but then I had my son about 15 months ago and things were okay until my boy started crawling. Crazy barking, hysterical overreaction, knocking our boy to the floor and, the final straw, snapping at him for no reason. We tried classes, a behavioral expert, and of course lots of love and patience. He was also so rough with our two elderly dogs. I know it was the right thing logically, but I can't stop crying. I feel horrible, I betrayed the sweet dog.

I have to give my dog away this week due to some issues in my family I feel terrible already I've been crying non stop its like I have to give a part of me. He's only 6 months old and I feel guitly of getting him in the first place because now he has to go through change which he will not like. I will never fogive myself for hurting him. I love him and I hate myself for doing this.

I feel the exact same way . I dont even know if it ever will get better

I am glad I visited thIs site. my 15 year old dog just passed away, and I have been feeling guilty about yelling at him for stealing food from my daughter's hand a couple weeks before. but after reading these stories of utter selfishness, I don't feel so bad. when our daughter was born, we did not get rid of him. And guess what? he lived for 2 years and they got to know each other and love each other.she was right there when he passed away in our house peacefully from natural causes. I am convinced his spirit will be with us forever, because I never abandoned him. you peoples were crying because you gave your dog away for trivial reasons should be ashamed of your self centered *****. I feel sorry for the dog, not you.

This is about GIVING your dog away ,Can you read? Go to another site thats about having to deal with a dying dog. Let us alone please ,we miss our dogs too but I had to give mine up for my GRAND BABYS' Sake. I'm sad and feel awful but I gave him away for GOOD REASON! So buzz off .We are all sad and this page is to deal with it and talk about it. You are on the wrong page. Find a page for your own problem.

Mmhm true that .

Sometimes people have to give there dog away. I'm having to give mine away soon because she is too naughty. Some people do it so they can keep their children safe. It isn't anybody's fault that dogs have to be rehomed. Sometimes is so that the dog can have a better life, nobody here is self centered, it's just nice to be able to share things with people who are having to deal with similar problems, so just saying. Don't call people self centered, everybody here is going through a hard time.

No naughty dogs, just depends on how the owner train him..my dog is horrible when I brought her back from the pound. She chew everything, destroying my coupboard, howling days and night.....but after few months dealing with her, training her with full of patience, she isquite a good girl now, although sometimes she will still howling loudly for nothing. But since I decided to bring her home, it means that I had accept her as my family member....taking care of her till the end of her life is my responsibility. No matter how, no matter what behaviour issue, I won't and shouldnt abandon or give her away to others....

Totally agree with u

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I gave my dog away froma week now because of my bad allergy .i feel likw dead and crying in my bed every day so my daughters cant see me .dont know what to do .still her look when we went to the pets house :-( i swear she was saying who are those people mammy .lets go
home mammy

I am a 12 year old girl and I had a beautiful blue merle border collie puppy called cloud.my mum sold her when she was 17weeks old which was two weeks ago.she sold her because we couldn't house train her and my mum was sick of the house smelling like poo.since then I have cried my self to sleep every night. When I wait at the bustop for my school bus to come I feel like I'm about to burst into tears because I look up to the clouds because they remind me of her and I think does she remember me? Me and cloud had the closest bond that no one in this world would be able to have with their dog.I am crying as I am typing this and the screen has gone all blury. I would take cloud for a walk in the morning and when I got back from school everyday without fail. She would follow me everywhere and if she was scared she would only listen to me.once I was climbing up a tree and she was trying her hardest to jump up on the tree and she was wining the whole time as if she was asking me to come down. Every time I went for a walk with her she would run ahead and then she would turn around sit down and wait for me to catch up and she would never take her eyes off me.I miss her so much I wish she was here with me now.the day she was being sold I gave her a massive hug as if I had known her my whole life and she tucked her head tightly around my neck as if she knew she wasn't going to get to see me again I softly kissed her on the head and walked out the door she watched me go staring with love filled eyes through the little window beside the door when I couldn't see the window any more I burst into tears. I would do anything to see my girl again.

I feel you on that . I am also a twelve year old girl and my moms husband never wanted my dog . He always hated her then he made me my sister and my mom move out to where he lived and well after three months of living with him he started threatening to take my dog away from me because she used to pee and poo in his house everytime i wasnt with her . And then one day he said that he was going to give my dog away and within the next day he did . Then my whole world came crashing down . I miss her so much and inwonder if shes okay where she is and if she misses me . I cry and i think sometimes i have panic attacks or anxiety attacks i really miss her and i just want her back im so sad 😪😥😰😞😣😢

Aww I know how u feel. I am only 11, my dog Belle is getting rehomed next weekend. I have had her for 1 year and 2 months now, but it feels like I have had her forever. She is too naughty so we can't keep her anymore and I am just so sad. Iv been crying all day and havnt eaten anything. I am crying right now. You don't understand how it feels until it happens.

I had to give my year old puppie away because my mother refused to let her in the house and we had no fence to let her run around in I was about 12 years old at the time and I was heart broken and still am I loved that dog more than anything and I had to get rid of her for the stupidest reason on our way to our house I always see this dog that looks exactly like her and I always just want to stop and see if its her but we don't I miss her so much wish that I had done more to keep her :'(

My experience is slightly different but painful all the same...we have a puppy who we have had for 6 months and me and my children adore him. He is the best dog ever..Unfortunately my husband is having asthma issues with him and I am devastated to say the least. I am crying and we have not even given him away. Just the thought of it is killing me and how to tell the children? I never had any pets growing up and feel like I have waited my whole life for one..it is just a sad situation. He brings us such joy and unconditional love. I just know any day now my husband is going to say he has to go..

I'm going through the exact same thing I habe to give my 6 month old pup for a family reason and i'm already crying so much. I have to give him up this weekend. Its the hardest thing to do. He's my first pet as well and I love him more than anything

i had to rehome my dog because my husband and I have a one month newborn and our dog was not getting the attention he deserved. We used to always take him to parks to run off the leash and give him all of our love and since he is a hyper dog and can't control himself we had no other choice but to find a home better suited for his needs. Yesterday a woman and her young daughter came to meet him and it seemed like a perfect fit. The daughter was playing fetch and since they are both young they can grow up together. I am terribly sad and I keep crying even though when he was here I felt bad just watching him look out the window and was, i hate to this- annoyed when he would demand attention while I was nursing our son. I feel very guilty and I wish I could have kept him, he was my baby before our son; our new baby and I wish I didn't have to give him up. I know that his new family has the time and the attention he craved from us but I wish it could have been us providing it. I know what it feels like to have to rehome a dog and I really wish that the people passing judgment could understand it is one of the hardest decisions to be made and I am sure if they had to go through a similar situation they would be more understanding.

Does it get better? I gave my dog away to a better family as well. He wasn't getting the attention he deserved after we had our daughter. It's so painful - it's been 2.5 months.

I am crying again, too! I have been crying for days, just like the rest of you all. I had to find a support group somewhere on the net and I stumbled upon this site. My little girl is Mala, and I was tired of cleaning up the poo and pee, too. But, now, I know, I would never do it again! This pain is way too hard to deal with. I miss her so much, and I love her very much, the one thing that keeps me going is, she went to a family who had just lost their dog of 9 yrs. So knowing that I did something to make someone else happy, makes me a lot stronger but does not take away my pain. Sometimes in life, these things do happen, we just have to let the tears flow, find support from those who understand and stop hating ourselves that we gave up on them. It is a learning lesson in life, so we have to go on and someday we all will find another puppy or dog, and they will be in our lives forever, now that we know this pain that feels like will last forever. Love to you all, Julie and Mala.

Thanks for sharing. To me happened the same. i was overwhelmed. It was gonna be my second dog...and in the beginning i had trouble getting used, even though she was gorgeous...The smell changed in th entire house, it was a strong smell, she peed and pooed everywhere even though she was 2 years and they sayed she was clean. so that came like a surprise, then she wasnt beeing so friendly to my dog and nobody of my friends and family kept me strong, they all sad i was crazy to get a second dog...so i gave up...i regret it at the end so much and feel like a bad person! i have never felt like this before..i cried and wanted her back but they refused. a pet protection organization..they said you had your chance and you blew it after just one day of returning! unbelieveable!!!i
it is definately a leeson that i learned. think twice before you tell someone to go....and it is true, we r not self centered and have to stop hating ourselves for it...we were just overwhelmed and nobody there to help....with my first dog my ex told me there is no turning back it is our dog now...now i am thankful for his strict attitude back then. thanks to him i still have my dog, he is 6 years. dont know why i didnt make it with my second dog..maybe one day i will get another chance...i hope ....:'(

Don't people think of this stuff BEFORE they get a dog? It's a life long commitment. This is why we have so many dogs in the shelter. If one is not going to commit for life, then don't get a dog. It's not fair for the dog otherwise. However, some of you sound as if you made the right decision to give up your pets for a better life than they had with you. It was selfish for many of you to haven gotten a dog in the first place. Sorry, but I am having a hard time feeling empathy for most of you.

Agree .and fell really sorry. I cry all the time and dont know what to do. I dont crt only because i miss her i cry when i know she missing us :'(

Sometimes things don't go as planned

I adopted 2 months German Shepherd, me and my wife spent memorable and playful moments til he was 6, we are frequent traveler and it was difficult to manage his separation anxiety. we him back to my friend. it second day he left leaving us cry. there is no one who greet me at door. i miss you my best friend ever.

I gave away my puppy last Thursday because I got physically tired taking care of him; cleaning whenever he peed in the house and getting up early and in the middle of the night to take him out. It was hard to train him and to work at the same time. He was only 2 months old and cried a lot. Now I'm kind of sad and feel guilty that I gave up on him although I believe that he went to a loving home. I miss him a lot ever since he is gone. The fact that I gave him away makes me feel guilty because I gave up on him. I had him for a month and now I'm alone; my friend is gone. I feel that I should have toughed it out for him. I cried several times. I wanted my puppy back so I contacted the person who took my puppy. He said that his wife's grandmother wants the puppy as a day gift. So I won't be able to get him back. I made the decision to give him away fast instead of consulting my situation. I feel your pain and hope that time will heal it.

I can understand your pain. I have a 2 year old beagle/hound mix that i have had since he was 2 months old. I am thinking of giving him back to the Humane Society because of health problems. I have been thinking of doing it for about a year now, but keep putting it off, because it is so painful just to think about doing it, and my husband is attached to him as i am. I happened upon your post and could understand exactly what you're talking about. I hope your pain eases, try not to be so hard on yourself. We all just do the best we can. I think you should take comfort in the fact that your pup has a home, as with mine, i'm not sure what will happen to him if i take him back. I can only pray someone will give him a good home full of love.

Thank you for your help

This has happened to me... My parents made me give up my two 1 year old yorkie-poodle dogs. They had threatened to get rid of them but I never really thought they would. I miss them so much 😢. They were my world. I love how they loved to play with me and cuddle and bark and random things and how they would give me kisses. I had a dream last night that it was snowing and apparently I was said because they gave Lulu (one of my dogs) away. But then outside was my other angel playing and barking. When I woke up I thought only Lulu was gone, only to find out both were gone. It kills me to know that this is not a dream and it's reality. I cry every time I see a picture of them, or something reminds me of them.

They gave them back to their breeder. I heard that when they got there, they barked and ran up to the kids greeting them happily. Yesterday I found a ball under a cabinet and I silently sank, knowing I can never use it again. Everytime I realize that this is reality I die, slowly. They were my best friends. I know their in a better home now though, where they can live inside the house without being yelled at and kicked out. Where they can sleep on your bed. Where they can be taken out on walks every other day. Where they can just be dogs. I don't know if they miss me, but I miss them. I am really hoping I get another chance with this. It's so cruel to me and the dogs. One certain dog was absolutely in love with my sister. Everytime I brought them in, she would run to my sisters room and scratch at the door until she opened it, and when she did she would try to jump on her queen bed, but since she was tiny she had to be picked up. I don't know how I will ever survive this. A dog is your best friend. They are there for you. They listen. They can't judge. They cuddle. They play. They can be the best friend you never had. My other dog, was MY best friend. He was so cute. He was fun, goofy, and just my best friend. I won't survive this. I just can't. Any tips on how to get through? There is no point in asking for them back, but I'm silently wishing they will show signs of loneliness over and they will give them back. God, if you are watching, please give me another chance. PLEASE! I promised I would do better last time but failed. I have failed so many times on you, and I'm sorry!! PLEASE give me another chance!! PLEEASE!

This is such a great example of "You never know how much you love something until it's gone" because I really didn't now how much I loved them, until now.
How should I get through this? Please help. 😢😥😪

you will..and remeber this for life and it will not happen again. one day you will be old enough to make decisions like this on your own..and you will keep your dogs....it is not your fault. you are not the one to blame..at least this thought makes it easier....

We had to give our dog away because there isn't anyone in then house during the day to keep her company any more so we thought it wasn't fair on her to make her stay :( Hardest decision ever, I think about her everyday and cry all the time, miss Molly so much. She was so beautiful and loving and she loved to cuddle and she was a horrible brat sometimes but we still loved all the same. She had the prettiest eyes and her fur was like spun gold and nothing could ever replace her. I'm crying so much just writing this and I feel your pain.

I'm giving my maltese away ;( because my landlord doesn't want dogs around I feel awful inside I feel your pain

I am about to turn down a dream job that will double my salary because it will be 6 to 7 months of travel. I would have to give up my 6 yr old hairy mute daughter. Not gonna do it, dogs are not disposable.

You are heroic but in the economy we have been in, that might not be wisest decision in long run. I will pray that God blesses you and your dog with health and prosperity. I wish I could have done same when we moved, but my husband and kids overruled me when it came to taking the risk of holding out for a dog friendly rental.