My Grandma Threw Away My Dog And Hit Him With Broomsticks

   I used to have an adorable pomeranian dog named Twinkle. He lived under my trampoline and he could jump 5 feet high to get food. I had him since I was 7. But my grandma hated Twinkle. He wasn't potty trained and he barked a lot. Whenever my grandma saw my dog, she would scream at him and hit with with a broomstick or spray him with water.
   He was quite a naughty dog. Whenever we opened the backyard door, Twinkle would race inside, jump on the dining table and eat our food. Then he would run upstairs and pee on every corner. Then jump on all the beds and roll around. He would also bark at trees whenever a leaf fell. And he pooped everywhere. Whenever people came near him, he would lick them and hug their legs. I think he might be dealing with loneliness.
   He was naughty, but he was super nice and cute. He had an adorable little foxy face and a ginormously fluffy white tail. Whenever I came outside, he would run to me and jump on me and smile. When I was cold in the winter, I would put him under my shirt to keep cozy. It kind of looked like I was pregnant.
   Twinkle ran really fast too. Whenever I walked him, I could never keep up with him. He would run forward and pull me forward with the leash and look at me with an adorable face. He also chases me and my cousins around in the backyard. We ran in circles around the water fountain and he would run in circles with us. When we stopped and went inside, Twinkle kept running in circles. Every few seconds, he would jump in the fountain and drink so water, then keep running in circles. He was so cute!
   Well anyways, my grandma always gets what she wants. The only animals she doesn't hate are humans and her precious goldfish. But what's so great about fish? They don't do anything. You can't pet them either or you'll get salmonella. Well, my grandma wanted to build a patio in the backyard.
   One day, when I came home from school, Twinkle was suddenly gone. I asked where he went and I was told that my grandma gave it away to some random stranger, along with my trampoline, just so she could build a patio. That is so mean! Those were my favoritest things! Now I am so sad and I'll hate my grandma forever! I never saw Twinkle after that and I miss him so much! I cry whenever I think of what happened. My mom said she'll never let me have a dog ever again! Well actually, I can't have any pets unless it's a fish. That's so unfair!
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I say...boil the goldfish and when the time comes...put grandma in a home and beat her with a broomstick when she messes her bed!! LOL