I Miss Max


I had to have Max put to sleep on Tuesday, we had Max from being a pup and he gave us joy for over 12 years.

I cannot come to terms with him not being here, he was my mate and a huge hole has been left in my heart.

He was a border collie and was a fantastic dog, he loved my 2 children and they also adored him

He had a couple of things go wrong health wise at the end but lived a full life with no illness throughout until recently.

I had to make the decision at the Vets to let him go, and I just cannot take the pain that i feel in my heart.

I see pictures of him and cannot hold back the tears.

I see his favourite places to lie down but he is not there.

I call his name he does not come running.

When my house is silent I listen for his footsteps.

Max I love you, always have always will, wherever you are now mate I hope you are ok

One day we will meet again.

Sweet dreams

Love David


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2 Responses May 24, 2008

I am so sorry for your loss. <br />
<br />
I am glad that Max got to have such a wonderful dad to share his life with and two siblings... Thank you for being there for him.<br />
<br />
These kind of losses never leave me, get easier down the line, but never leave. My Dogs and Cats are a real part of my family so the losses are devastating. Let your loved ones be there for you. Take care of yourself.

Hi, Im so sorry to hear your sad news. I know exactly how you feel. When my late dog, Tessa, passed I was distraught. She always made me feel happy and played such a huge role in my life, and now she is gone.<br />
<br />
But over time things will get better, just know they are in a better place now and are not in pain.<br />
<br />
All of the best :)