It's Been A Month And I Still Feel Numb And Lonely :'(

Naulla, I know a weird name,lol. At the time when we got her as a pup, my girls were all about Lion King and they got it from Simba's g/f . Anyways, After 13 years with her constantly at my side, I had to put her down after she had suffered a stroke. It's been a month and my heart still hurts, I feel all alone, even though my husband tries to help. (she was really MY girl) I still wake up, thinking,,something's not right>>until it kicks in that she's not laying beside my bed. I still look at the clock to see if it's 5pm, thinking she isn't sitting in front of me to remind me it's suppertime. So many others, to many to list.
I know I made sure she didn't suffer, and her passing wasn't painful, but instead calm and with us both there, holding her to comfort her and let her know how much we loved her and will continue to love her.
My other dog has been moping around,,still wondering where her friend went and it brings me to tears that she doesn't understand! Everyone says 'give it time'... but knowing I'll never have her smiling up at me with her tail wagging waiting for a treat, I'll never get to see her sneak around at camp to get in the water(just before, and never get to spoon with her for our time before bed....I miss her so much, I just keep trying to remember all our fun times together, and maybe in time it'll ease
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1 Response May 10, 2012

I lost my dog last year. My mum is still suffering really bad. It makes you feel like you will never have another one because it is too painfull when they die. It's only been a month, you will still hurt. You are probably still remembering the end of it - when it was painful for her but eventually you will start to foget these bad memories and they will be replaced by lovely ones of her. My cat died 9 years ago on the 8th May and it surprises me that sometimes I can just be doing the washing up or something and she will pop into my head doing something funny she used to do like the time I found her asleep in the fruitbowl, or I will remember the way she always waited at the end of the street for me to come home from school. And I always find myself smiling. It's amazing how much happiness animals put into our lives, even long after they are gone. You have to understand that you have put just as much happiness into Naulla's life too. It will get easier to cope with once the sad memories have gone. Make sure you have a little cry now and then too, it will make you feel better after.