My Cute Yorkie :( Gone!

You see i was really excited to get a yorkie for 500 dollars. i got him about december 17th 2011 and he yapped way to much because he was supposed to stay with his parents longer. Well...... me and my mom couldnt handle it so my mom insisted on giving it to my mom's stupid friend. and we gave it to her for she stole my 500 dollars for my birthday. now when i say i want it back she has other dogs and my mom and her boyfriend think its not fair cuz he has friends their ........ my mom blames it on me and says we are never getting a dog again of what you went through last time so i cant get another dog and i really want my dog back and ive been crying and its may 14th 2012! help me! what should i do
EmDog218 EmDog218
13-15, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

Aw i am so sorry but why don't you tell your mum how upset you are and that you need someone to help you through (another dog) good luck!

seriously help