My Beloved Ivy

I fell in love with my beloved poodle 7 years ago. I never liked dogs, I thought they were gross. Ivy was a 3 pound poodle who stole my heart. I never knew I could love like this, especialy a dog. My beautiful baby died 4-24-12, the worse day of my life. I blame the vet, Ivy broke her leg in October 2011, I took her to the vet she had three surgeries on her leg and knee. The vet wanted to remove a pin that he said wasn't properly placed, she never made it out of surgery, he said it was the anesthesia. The reason I hurt so bad is because I feel I wasn't there to protect her, I didn't want her to have that surgery and I trusted the vet. Everyday I wish I could go back to that day.
SherrellM SherrellM
31-35, F
1 Response May 16, 2012

I know exactly how you feel; I wish I could do things over and save my dog. I lost my best friend when he took fright and broke his old collar - which I hadn't got around to replacing - and ran way from outside a store. He was hit by a truck and put down at an animal shelter before I found him; I never even got to say goodbye. He was not two years old. I will always feel guilty and blame myself, but you were not to blame - you put your trust in a medical professional, as we all do; and were trying to do the right thing for your dog. We all lose the ones we love, sometimes in terrible ways, and there is never a reason why. It is just a part of life we have to accept. Remember that every day you had with Ivy was a blessing; and be grateful for the time you had together.