Everyone thinks there dog is special, one of a kind. Well I'm here to tell you it's true, when you love a dog so much he becomes special. You may have the ugliest dog in the world, if he's yours, he's perfect and without flaw.  cocoa was a mini dachshund, she wasn't the smartest, or prettiest dog, but she loved with her whole heart and that made her the best dog in the world to me. When I lost her after 13 years I started wishing I had made more time for walks, or thrown the ball just a little longer when she wanted me to. But then I realized that I could not have possibly made her any happier than she already was. I miss her and always will, in the end she made me a better person and I'll always love her for that.   
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Please do not judge her too harshly. I was not a good person either mostly because I was bipolar. I loved that dog. I did not cry when we had the divorce. I think it is actually good for both of us. I appreciate you so very much. You seem like a really wonderful person. I hope you have a wonderful day. My favorite story from my childhood is Green Eggs and Ham and how the Grinch Stole Christmas.

LOL, I love DR. Seuss. The Lorax was one of my favorites, I hope all works out for you. :)

Thank You

The unconditional love that a dog gives us is beyond compare.

I had a dog named Cocoa too. She was a poodle/CockerSpaniel mix. At first she growled at me and would not let me get close to you. She lived with me for many years. I lost my job and we just could not keep her anymore. <br />
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I think of her and hope that she was taken good care of. My ex-wife hated me. So this was not just about money either. It was one other way she could hurt me. Yes pets do bring out the best in us.

She sounds like a cute dog. Losing a job can be tough on everyone, including pets...
Also your ex sounds like a jerk, sorry.