Rip Buster

I was the proud owner of a mix, Akita,Sheppard. He was the sweetest dog I ever had. We had him when he was a puppy 1997, until he passed away in 2008. He would protect my wife when I wasn't at home.If someone came to the door, he would run to the door and bark until he was told to lay down. He would then sit next to my wife and wouldn't move until they left! If someone came into the house, he would sit next to my wife and would just stare at the person..We had him for 11 years and he NEVER hut anyone, unless you were a threat to my wife or my grand kids. Then all he would do is growl at you, showing that he meant business.
When he was like 2 or so I taught him some tricks, like shake,beg,rollover..When he was a bit older, My son and I were able to train him to stick a piece of food on his nose and flip it into the air and catch it.He loved playing with kids, he was really good with my grand daughter. When she would cry, he would run into the room she was in and start barking too let someone know she needed us.
He was such a great dog!!! RIP Buster, We will never forget you!!!!!
Thank you for reading my story
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May 30, 2012