Her Name Was Krista

When I was 9 years old my dad brought home a dog. He received her through a pet store owner that he knew. She was found roaming the streets of the next town over from us. She was 6 months old and going between 3 different houses for food and nobody knew where she came from. One day she just suddenly appeared. As much as these people adored her for one reason or another they could not keep her. So they brought her to Lorraine, the pet store owner who happen to remember my dad mention one day he would like to get a dog. As soon as my dad saw her it was love at first sight. But when he brought her home it was clear that she was to be mine. She and I were unsepareable. I have had many furry friends over the years but none could hold a candle to her in my heart and soul. When we were together I could literally feel our souls move inside and see it dance within our eyes. If you've never felt this before it is a rare and wonderful and most unforgetable experience. She was just as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. A husky german shepard mix with beautiful brown eyes and a black and tan coat and as loving and good natured as any living thing I have ever known. Everybody loved her . . . she had more friends than I did. People would always stop to visit her. . . she just drew you in and you could not help but adore her. My upbringing was kind of rough and she got me through some pretty tough times. I would swear if it weren't for her I would have become a different person. She showed me love and gave me strength when I needed it the most and it was she who first taught me how to laugh . . . I never laughed growing up. She was an absolute blessing that I was able to hold onto for 16 and a half years. She passed away on March 7, 1995 at 1:00 in the afternoon. To this day I still keep her dog license on my key chain. To understand our bond better I ask that you read my story entitled "Humble Priestess" for it was truely magical. I love you Krista always and forever. Thank you for reading.
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I loved your story, for only four days ago I lost my beautiful dog, Ludlow. I am heartbroken, but trying so hard to write about him and share my story with you all. Please read it on this group. I experienced the same bond with him that you describe with your Krista. It's so special, but makes it so hard to lose them. It isn't something you engineer. It just happens. I hope I have another dog one day, but at the moment I can't imagine that.

I sooo understand my friend . . . and I am sooo sorry for you loss . . . I know how devastating it is . . . I hope you find the spiritual peace I was eventually able to find . . . ((hugs)) my friend . . . I will read and treasure your story . . . thank you for sharing it . . . and I know with a bond like that you share with Ludlow you will see him again just like I will be with Krista again . . . It is a knowing . . . bonds like that never really die . . . they just transform . . . take care my friend . . . and if you need someone to talk to . . . friend me . . . I am here for you . . .

I had a wonderful dog companion growing up too.He was a real doggie angel.Sometimes I think we are sent animal companions to get us through tough times.They give so much love.My cat Gypsy is just as special.She's my fuzzy anti-depressant ! Lovely story.xx

awe eklectik . . . I believe that too . . . lol . . . I love that "fuzzy anti-depressant" very good . . . thank you for sharing and your thoughtful comment my friend . . .8D