I Feel So Broken Without Him.

I lost my dog 'Chance' a black and white English Springer Spaniel, only a few months ago. He was only 7, and was only diagnosed with Canine histiocytosis a few weeks before I had to make the heartbreaking decision...it destroyed him bit by bit. And my poor dog who lived to run, and spring, and swim and cause general chaos could barely stand by the end. He was fustrated and it was just heart breaking. He was my life, the soul of the party. We did everything together. He was only 7. I miss him.

I really really miss him.

This is how I want to remember you Chance with your absolute zest for life, your crazy need for adventure, your endless energy, your beautiful face, your elegance, the way you would make me laugh on a daily basis, and for everything that you gave and taught me. You were taken before your time, but you put on a brave fight and right up to the end you were comforting me, just as you always did. I’ll miss your cuddles, and the way you’d race to the door to greet me like a long lost friend, I’ll miss your loyalty, and I’ll think of you every time I see a dog delight in having a ball thrown for him/her. You were one in a million. ♥ My crazy beautiful Chancey ♥
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So sorry for your loss. I loved what you wrote about Chance, his zest for life, his attention towards you, even with his issues. Dogs are so special, I count them among the best friends we humans can ever have. Please read the story I just wrote about the loss of my beautiful Ludlow only this week. The pain is so fresh, but I needed to write about him and what he meant to me. I hope and hope that the pain you and I and others feel can be converted into beautiful memories. I think that's what our lovely dogs would want, don't you? They loved us so much, they wouldn't want us to suffer. Stay strong.

Sorry for your loss I had to put my dog down yesterday he was 13.. I miss him so much my heart aches for him every minute...Stay strong

I am very sorry for your loss . . . I understand your pain . . . I lost my Krista 17 years ago and it still hurts to this day . . . you wrote a beautiful tribute at the end . . . thank you for sharing this and I hope you it aids you in the healing process . . .