Missy Bear.

Well i lost my dog in april 18th of this year. It was so hard losing her because like all the people in our family that have dogs we spoil them to death! She had an amazing life and to her the only thing we did thahe thought was "Abuse" was giving her a bath. She wouldn't look at you for when you gave her a bath. But all the sudden after the bath she had all this massive amounts of energy. Soon after I lost her things started to go weird. It's been a few months and today is one of those "off" days. I had hoped to receive a call from my boyfriend today since it was their free day at bct. Well that didn't happen. As i was doing laundry to have clean uniforms for tomorrow i had pulled out her favorite tug of war toy. I think that is the main reason why i crashed tonight. Idk I just miss my dog so much. I know that when I was sad she would cuddle up to me on the couch and just snuggle with me. Since it's been so hot outside I don't get to see houser as much. My neighbor lets me play with his dog since he knows how much i love his dog and he always says that houser loves me because everytime i come home from work and he's outside he will meet me at my driver's side door. Idk i'm just really missing her right now and would do anything to get her back.
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So sorry for you. I just lost my beloved dog, Ludlow, and I've written his story today, so please, if you are able, check it out. I feel a need to connect with others who feel the pain of losing such companions. Will the pain ever go away? At this moment, I think not, but I do know I will eventually have an acceptance of his passing, and I really really hope to love another dog, one day, as beautiful as my Ludlow.

If you love dogs you will have a heart for any dog and love them to death. No, dog will "replace" Ludlow but every dog deserves a loving home. Every dog deserves to be SPOILED (to a point). I had told my boyfriend when we move in we are getting a dog or two, or three. He and I both have a love for dogs and we went to the shelter on our date and they were closed but we went to the back and saw these two beautiful dogs. I looked at him and said, Can we keep them??? They were the dogs people would question but they came right up to us and their tails were wagging and they were full of kisses. I was sad to have to leave but it was funny. He said he didn't want to go and i asked why. He said because, i would want to take everyone of them home. I was like Me too. We are getting a dog when we move in together. Which is not for a very long time. But, yes, i know no dog can replace the one you lost. But when they pass you feel a big part of you empty. Don't get a dog too soon, leave enough room to mourn. With me the hardest part was knowing before she did that was the hardest for me. But we just found out that yesterday my aunt had to put her one of her favorite dogs down. She was a sweet heart. But she fought long and hard and lived one of the best lives a dog could live. Now Missy has a play mate now. It was good that Pilot went first because if it was the other way around. Pilot would of died of loneliness. Abby is more of a people person than a dog person but her and Pilot have always been together but Abby was never fond of other dogs. So she gets by a lot easier without Pilot. But Abby is also getting up there in age so I know this year is going to be hard fro her. But you can get through it Its hard but you can do it.