Who Knew This Day Would Come

ok so me and my cuzin and my familey were driving back to florida from newyork and we were in georgia for a couple days, so we were leaving but first we needed to get some gas at wallmart but as we were driving by i saw this sighn that said free puppies and i begged my dad to go and check it and finnaly he said yes so we went to check it out and i saw these cutiest puppies ever the man said they were lab mixed with an all amarican bull dog and i saw this one girl puppy she was balck with white on her noes but my mom said no yo no since she can have babies and my mom hated the fact that we wer checking out these pups but then my cuzin points out this all black with light brown hair on his head dog she claims he was starring at him so the man picked him up and gave it to her and ater talking to my dad about it my dad suprisingly said yes my mom was so mad nut she eventualy cooled off. so we had five hhours to go for florida so we decided to start nameing him every one was nameing different names for him and my brother decided trip since you noe we got him on a trip and it kinda fitted for him well i could tell you i felt like the happiest girl in the world and i felt like i was it was about three months later and every one loved trip exept my mom even my dad liked him and he pretended not to but trust me you could tell he cared for that dog just the way he would play with him and treated him u can just tell. any ways school just ended and me my dad and my brother plus my cusin were going to newyork to drop off my cousin that morning was a pain my dad kept rushing every one and i dident even get to say good by to trip no one did i felt really bad after all i loved that dog any ways i sorta did not care becouse you noe when i come back i can play with him any ways about after 1 or 2 weeks in newyork i get the worst call of my life so far it was my little sister telling me that trip escapte and right when she tould me those words i enstantly started crying and my parents looked every where for him and the thing is we live right next to the road so i think some one took him but i just keep on crying almost 2 times a week in fact im crying right now becouse i cant fall asleep cuz i miss him alot that is why im writting this i just miss him soo much! i feel sooooooooo bad becouse i did not say good by and that just breaks my heart so much and sometimes i wonder if he still remembers me i just miss him!! I LOVE YOU BABY TRIP!!!
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I feel so sorry for you. I know how bad you feel, because six days ago my beloved dog died in his sleep, peacefully, thank god, but I didn't have a chance to say goodbye either. That is a hard one, but having actually said goodbye to two previous dogs, it doesn't make it any easier, believe me. Your little dog, wherever he is, knows you loved him beyond measure. Dogs just know these things. Take care, and I hope you feel better soon. Please love on yourself, because that's what your little dog would want you to do.