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2 Years Have Passed And I Still Cry Myself To Sleep

My beautiful GSD Dodge, we went through everything together. 10 years of the best friend I could ever have. I was there when he was born then had to resuscitate him as wasn't breathing, from then on we were together every single minute of every day, work , playing and sleeping . I was always there for him and he for me. 2 years later and still crying myself to sleep- devastated. R.I.P my beautiful boy
Dodge1999 Dodge1999 46-50 2 Responses Jul 17, 2012

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*hugs*<br />
I lost my best friend last fall and I still cry out of nowhere some days. It's hard. :(

Im so sorry for your loss i just lost my bestfriend of 12 years on Saturday. It really sucks i hope i t doesnt hurt this much forever =(