I Miss My Dog

I Miss my dearly departed friend & Companion, I was in lodgings in Harrogate where I lived with a family who had an adorable 7 year old female golden Labrador cross breed called Freeway because she was named after the character portrayed in the 1970’s soap drama Heart to Heart, I knew her for the last 5 years of her life, I gave her my love & plenty of affection, I would like to think I gave her a good life she was a wonderful family orientated friendly dog In that respect she was almost human in Spirit or soul I mean & she was always so loyal & faith full I really Miss her a lot as the day she passed away I had a clear Voyant dream of her & just knew she had died, I was cross because she was abandoned as a puppy long ago by her original owners, but obviously there were no ill feelings between myself & her I think she only ever got mad with me once because I was play fighting with her & went a bit too far an honest mistake fortunately one of the good things about living with her was she was so forgiving & loyal. But at least I got a good photo of her being angry, Just for Halloween though I might add as I am not a cruel person. & I strongly condemn any act of animal cruelty. Anyway my story goes as follows: I knew her from when she was 7 until she passed away aged 12 and a half in dog years that’s equivalent to just over 75 in human years, She was a cute adorable, loveable, protective, caring & loyal girl right up to the time she passed away I still miss her even after 7 years., In the end she had to be put to sleep because she had chronic arthritis in all four legs, by then she had lost weight because she was not eating her food and was half deaf,She loved me until the end although because she wasn’t my dog I did not own her unfortunately my friends did I can't imagine how heart breaking it was for them to make that final uneasy decision to take her on her final journey knowing she would not be coming home,I have her picture in my room & still want to believe she's gone to dog haven, if there is such a place because I would like to think there is such a thing as life after death. I still keep her memory alive in my heart she may not have been mine on paper, But I feel she was in heart & soul as she was the only dog I have ever fallen in love with as she felt right & if you have ever met someone or something loves you that much you stay with them right until the day you pass away, She was simply put the right dog at the right place at the right time in my life.


My best friend, May your soul live on forever in Heaven.

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Your tribute to Freeway is so touching and you will never forget her.She had a wonderful friend in you.

She was my one & only true love, And she was also my mentor in my life & beloved Paw-pall.

Thank you it's been a while since I last modified this story it's now approaching 10 years since she passed away that will be this October.

I will get another dog at some point in my future so I don't have to be so sad as I miss the companionship & un-conditional love that only a dog can give you as a soulmate.

Thank you she was the best.

Anyone who has ever had a dog give them their unconditional love can understand what you went through and are still going through. I had to put my faithful companion to sleep about 2 1/2 years ago and though I now have another dog, I still miss my first one terribly. They work their way into our hearts and always remain. Remember her fondly and I hope you someday get to experience again that unconditional love that only a dog can give.

I will as I desire a need to own a dog for that reason, although I will be a resposible dog owner.

You are going thru' a rough time. Although no dog will ever be exactly the same as Freeway you might consider rescuing a companion dog. You have a lot of love to give.

Yes I will do eventually and will probebly own her from when she is a puppy until she grows old as I only got to experiance 5 years of love with freeway as I only knew her from when she was 7yrs old until she was almost 13yrs of age in dog years. & yes I will name her after my beloved paw-pall so that her memory lives on, But I need to get a job first so that I can at least look after her.