My Flying Dog

Best dog I ever owned was Joe. He lived to be about 15 years old. He was a black lab with some kinda hound dawg mixed in there somewhere. Living out in the boondocks, Joe was a natural. What really made him special was his ability to kill snakes. We raised a few chickens back then, and where there are chickens there are usually chicken snakes, which get to be like 6 feet long, but are non-poisonous. Well on the back porch there was a porch swing, and up in the corner of the porch that summer there was a nest of baby birds. I heard an odd noise one day and looked out and there was a 6 foot chicken snake wrapped around the chain of the porch swing, picking baby birds off out of the nest. So I whopped him with a stick and he got down and started across the yard, only to be met by Joe.

It was an amazing thing to watch Joe kill a snake. He would circle the snake constantly, not letting him escape, and would dash in at just the right moment, pick the snake up in the middle, and shake him side to side, then drop him and continue circling, repeating the process until the snake was so addled that Joe could successfully kill him without getting bitten.

Anyway, this particular day, Joe was circling this big chicken snake, concentrating very, very hard on his victim. He was moving in his usual circular pattern darting in and out, while I stood with a garden hoe in hand a few feet away, watching. Then I got an idea. I turned the hoe around backward, and once Joe had his back to me, I stuck the hoe handle down next to his back leg and tapped it, and made a loud noise, like...psssschkkkk...

And that's how Joe became my flying dog. He jumped a good six feet straight up in the air, landed, gave me the most human looking stinkeye I've ever seen on a dog, and proceeded to kill the snake.

Had I videoed the whole process I have no doubt he'd be famous by now.

Good ole Joe, they don't make 'em like him anymore.

wildjack61 wildjack61
46-50, M
Aug 1, 2012