My Best Friend Snickers

2 days ago I had the worst day of my life I lost.My 6 year old beagle snickers to lung cancer he was my best friend and brother we would sleep together, hang out, and just listen to my problems he woul d follow me everywhere I went I loved him more than myself I didn't want to go when they had to put them down But i couldn't bare the thought of him dieing without me not knowing where I was or him being scared so I went and held him through his final moment holding his head looking him in the eye and telling him it was going to be ok .i couldn't help but think how we met when he walked in to my garage covered in flees and with heartworms and skinny but it was love at frist sight we nurtured him back to health and we were best friends I shouldn't use were we still are best friends
And how us saving him now he dies because of us even though it was the end is suffering
The When he stop breathing was like a bullet in my heart the vet gave us a little cardboard casket we put him in it the way he used to like to nap it does feel a little better knowing he was at peace i buried him myself in the back yard where me and him naped sometimes everyday I sit by his grave and stare out on to the lake and just talk to him I still feel guilty about his death I have yet to sleep in my own bed without him I carry his coller everywhere with me so my little wing man still has my back if anyone can make me feel less guilty or sad I would appreciate it the first day of school is tomorrow and this the first time I'll be doing it petless and the first time in 5 years with out snickers I just don't know if I can do 10th grade with out him. p.s sniks i still love you and I always will I should go burn in hell if i forget a dog like you we'll talk about my school day at your grave tomorrow I love you boy be a good boy for Jesus.
Jpxtreem Jpxtreem
Aug 26, 2012