Gabe, Aka Noodles Mcboodles

I met my beautiful friend, a Vizla, 14 years ago when the vet in our home town called to let us know that a 3 month old pup needed a new home. We had just put down our elderly dog that week and they knew there was space available in our hearts and home. I went over to meet Gabe, sat in a corner of the vet office and observed this sweet pup. He turned, looked at me, came over and put both front legs on each side of my neck and laid his face against mine. It was as if he was saying, Hi Mom, I've been waiting, what took you so long to come and get me. Well I lost my heart at that moment. We spent 14 years with this beautiful friend. He claimed a corner of the couch the first night, the same corner my husband claimed. Gabe would lay across the top of the couch along the arm. One night my husband got to that corner first and Gabe got up and laid across the top of his head. Neither gave up that spot. He slept at the foot of the bed and I had to curl up into a ball so that he would have enough space. But that was ok. This summer his breathing became difficult, but we attributed it to a very hot summer and when we'd take him for a walk, he would get hot and pant to cool off. About two weeks ago my husband said that Gabe may have inhaled a piece of potato chip he'd found on the floor, and he sounded raspy when he breathed. That was Wednesday night. By Saturday morning he was struggling to draw air into his lungs so we took him to the pet emergency room. They did xrays and took us to a private room where the vet told me that Gabe's lungs had tumors and he had one pressing on his trachea,, which was keeping him from breathing completely. We were so shocked and had to make the painful decision to have him euthanized that morning. Not what we expected. We said goodbye, spent some time with him. They prepared him and brought him into the room. My husband could not stay and I could not leave my best friend alone. I got down next to him and he looked right into my eyes, as if to say Mom let's please go home, I am afraid. I could not stop crying and he was gone within a minute. That is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have cried every day for the last 2 weeks. I will go to pick up his ashes today to bring my sweet Gabe home. That is going to be the most painful trip into town I will ever make. I miss him now and I will miss him forever. But I'll see him again someday.
katedth katedth
Sep 14, 2012