My Best Friend

She was a sister and my best friend and still is.
I knew her ever since i was a baby, and she is a year older than me, she was always there for me; through happy or sad. She never harmed me, never said anything mean and always came to sit with me when i was upset and sat on the steps- she even made me laugh by licking my face- She is the most amazing friend to me even now she is gone...
It was when she was between 13-14 when she got blind, then limped alot and was slow, not the healthy dog she had been and one day when i got home from school i tried to take her down the garden but she only got to steps out the door before she collapsed, i carried her back in and sat with her for hours when my parents said they were going to take her to the vets to be put down, I got pictures of that day too, she looked old, ill and sad. I insisted on going with them so i could be with her when it happened and i cried all the way back, i still cry sometime but i know she is safe now and that she misses me as much as i miss her- It's the same with all my family.
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I know this exact feeling at the same age. I lost my sister dog Colby at the same age. She was a couple of years younger than me, but as she grew older she became my wise older sister. She went deaf, and blind, and her body shut down. I was there with her at the end and I am forever grateful for it. As painful as it was, I know she passed from this life to the next knowing she was loved, by all of us. You will be a better stronger person for this.

We can only strive to be as good as our dogs think we are, and we are blessed to be loved by such amazing creatures. Know that it gets easier, and that even as the pain fades there will be things that remind you of her that will hurt and make you sad. But in time, when you think of her, you will smile and laugh because she made you happy, and your heart will swell with her love.