I came home from college and my dog Sam was in lots of pain, which my parents thought was lymes disease. We weren't surprised because we live in the country and he has had it before. I had to carry him to go outside and it was apparent that he was in a lot of pain, but he was still happy as could be. Being a 90lb golden retriever, he had a hard time getting around too. I returned to school and my week was going along just fine, and my mom called saying they had put Sam down. I was so shocked and confused, but they said he had had cancer and we didn't know. I just miss him so much and I hate to think I wasn't there for his last days.
ghomstad ghomstad
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

I'm so sorry.That's really hard for you to take but they did what they did out of compassion.Remember all the good times you had together and all the happy memories.Every day you had together was important and dogs know when they are loved.