16 years ago I found my best bud, a Siberian husky at the pound. A day prior to finding him my girlfriend at the time took me there. As soon as I saw him I knew I had to have him. The next day he was up for adoption. So that morning at 7 am I waiting outside until the pound was open. 30 minutes later we became best friends. I named him Channing( meaning young wolf). For 16 yrs we spent camping, me chasing him all over town, since is was a Houdini, (He could break into and out of anything) and later became a big brother to another husky named pfeiffer. They were typical brother and sister, arguing and playing. He was by my side in good times and in bad times. He is most remember for getting ahold of a bingo dabber and got himself my dads dog and the spare room completely blue. Thank goodness it was water based. When I got married and had two kids he welcomed them as if they were his own. What will miss the most was his howl and just watching him play with his sister and my kids especially in the snow. It's only been two days since he passed. I pray that he can run and howl again up in his doggy heaven. I still think i see him in his special spot at the bottom of the stairs.Channing will be missed but never forgotten . My best bud
littledaveyg littledaveyg
Sep 25, 2012