My Golden!

My lady Candace.

I first met 'My Candace' when she was 7 weeks old. I was sitting on a lawn amongst 7 rollie pollie puppies and she waddled up to me and crawled on me. She chose me, I chose her!

I picked her up 1 week later, and our life together began. We spent almost 11 years together, and it was amazing. She was a true lady. She loved the water and was disgusted when she was dirty. She was very easy to train, as she always wanted to please her 'Dad'. She was my girl. She was docile as could be, and would never harm any living thing, yet if someone was aggressive to my lady, she was there, and would bear her teeth, unbelievably. Kind of like her 'Dad'

When she got sick, I took her to the 'doctor', they performed a thorough check on her, including X-rays. She hated going to the vet, yet was always a 'good girl'. They supplied me with antibiotics and she started feeling better, and I was thrilled. After she had finished her meds she rapidly declined and I realized that I was keeping her alive for me, not for her.

Putting her down was the most  difficult decision that I have ever had to make. My baby went 'down', just like I asked. She was calm, and she listened to her 'Dad'. I watched my 'Baby' go to sleep. My 'girl' was at peace.

I still miss my Candace, and it has been over 12 years.

I now have Bella Rose, a 2 year old Chocolate Lab, nutcase. She is opposite. She is a tomboy, loves mud... She too, is my girl, yet will never replace my Candace.

Dogs are amazing,they are always happy to see you and always offer unconditional love.

Gotta love them!
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Thank you for sharing that sweet story,we never forget our loving dogs,they are always there for us,our best friends.I too will always miss my dogs, each one was special and irrepleacable.

My pleasure, and yes our dogs are definitely family and are very special!

That was lovely about your Golden. We had a Golden for about 9 years. He adopted us and was our gentle giant. He got sick all of a sudden and we found out he had an enlarged heart. Less than a month later he stopped eating and drinking and I had to put him to sleep. It was the hardest thing ever for me to do. I miss him, still. Pets...they sure do bring a smile to your life :-)

I honestly understand everything that you mention.

Yes, pets truly are amazing.

Thank you for your comments, Ms. greeneyes37!


What a lovely tribute to your girl! It does sound like you chose each other, and the Golden Retriever is such a wonderful breed! I've loved all of my dogs but there have been two that are extra special that have had some extra connection you just can't explain! Thanks for sharing your story, I'll have to do the same for my little furry loves.

PS Putting them to sleep is soooo hard to do, but you eliminated her suffering and pain... and it was an unconditional gift of love.

Yes Candace definitely was a great girl.

They definitely do deserve tributes. We take their love for granted!

Putting her to sleep was definitely one of the hardest things that I have ever done. I still feel a pit in my stomache remembering it. I also am glad that she was finally pain free.

Thank you so much!

What's great is that her legacy lives on in your heart. She not only gave you the gift of unconditional love but also let Bella come into your life to be your new companion, and I'm sure Bella is a lucky girl to have you as her Dad :)

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So moved by this.......... I too just lost my much loved best friend recently. They bring such a joy to ours lives that can replaced by no other.

Thank you for your words...I definitely know how you feel!

Very true... My Candace will never, truly, be replaced. Bella is Bella, I love her to death, yet Candace will always have a special place in my heart.