First Christmas Without You :(

My dog died earlier this year and I've just realized that this would be my first Christmas without him in 10 years. I have had him since I was 14 ( in grade 9 ) and he has been my best friend ever since. I was brutally crushed when I found out that he died and I still miss him..I'm even choking up as I write this story.

I know that he's with me and even though he can't be there for me during my depressive holidays, I'll know that he's in my heart.
ZappedToTheUnicorn ZappedToTheUnicorn
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3 Responses Nov 23, 2012

im sorry to here about your dog. i know its going to be hard for you. just know you will always love him and he will always love you, i just lost to of my babys dolly july 28 2012, and spotty october 23 2012. its hard i know. but we will see theme again and they will always be in are sorry again

If you really miss him, it only means that he was a good dog. Cherish the time you were together, and he'll never truly be gone.

Thank you :)

I'm sorry Chere', I know how much your dogs meant to you. Hope this doesn't bring you too down for the holidays.