Mischief My Best Friend

I lost my shetland sheepdog, Mischief, on November 25, 2012. He jumped out at a spot by the gold butte mine and radio crystal mine by Mesquite, nv. We had stopped to take pics. We didn't know immediately because he always slept behind the back seat and you didn't see him. We raced back to the spot as soon as we realized it which wasn't long. Unfortunately it was in the mountains. There was alot of quads there and someone must have picked him up. He is a black with white markings on his chest and his belly. small, 13 1/2 inches tall. male. very sweet. He is not neutered but it looks like he is because he is cryptorchid. He was my sisters gift to me before she passed away. My husband has been back to that spot and stayed there for two days and nights at a time. Both of us are hurting so bad. I can't stop crying and he has a really hard time too. I miss him so much .He could have been picked up by anyone that rode quads out there. If anyone has any knowledge that might help please contact me. Please pass this on to anyone or any vet that you can.. I have a ad in craigslist in Las Vegas, Nv. under lost and found for his pics. Please, Please, Help. I can't feel whole unless I know he is back with us. How do u stop hurting and feeling guilty. He could be in Utah, Nevada, Arizona.
fauxplay1 fauxplay1
56-60, F
Dec 13, 2012