Goodbye My Friend

You were my friend for just over a year
Our times together were filled with joy
You somehow knew, I was a special boy

I am a King Charles cavalier, you a Jack Russell Cross
Yet you never tried to be my boss
You simply accepted me into the pack
I was your special friend Jack

I knew that you were ill
sat with you when mummy gave you your pill
you seemed alright for a long while
I sat patiently waiting to get Popeye's smile

But you loved Popeye more than me
He was your favorite I could see
I wished you would love me more
but I was happy to be second best
because I could see that you still loved me
Even though you wanted Popeye more than me

when your illness was taking hold
and the love story of you and Popeye was told
I knew you hated getting old

You were getting old and tired
yet were very patient when I was wired
I would sleep curled up with you so tight
and comfort you during your long fight
I watched you struggle with all your might

Our human mummy was always in tears
Thinking about how she loved you for all those years
she kept you comfortable and happy when you would wake
Worrying as she knew Popeye's heart would break
Yet she kept going for our sake

You had a fall the night before
Now I knew that you would get up no more
Yet you tried when Popeye came through the door
Your pitiful cries filled the room
you struggled and tried
And our human mummy and daddy cried

It was too much for Popeye to take and he echoed your cries
So he was taken up to bed to be comforted
It was far too painful for him to see
So it was best left to me

I sat and watched , soon beginning to realize
That you would soon close your eyes
I knew that I had to be wise
So I did the right thing for you
For it is what Cavaliers often do

I watched mummy lean over you and say goodbye
When she left the room to scream and cry
I waited till she went to tell daddy then I kissed your head
pulled the blanket from under your weary head

I covered your face for the last time
went to sleep curled up to you
As it was the only thing I felt that I could do.

realitycheckerish realitycheckerish
41-45, F
1 Response Dec 28, 2012

So sad,as a Dog lover who has lost two dogs now to old age I can connect with this.Thank you for sharing.