Snowy :(

I was 11 when my grandmother gifted me my Dog "SNOWY"...he was my first pet dog n i loved him unconditionally...he used to wake me up in d morning he used to wait wid me at my bus stop for my school bus..we grew up together for almost 5 den my some one in my family felt sick n blamed snowy..n det sent him away from me last i still miss him..n i shed a tear every once in a while...n now im left wid no dog no snowy
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

i had a dog named Snowy my aunt gave her to me. She passes away this year in the summer. Im 12 andwas 12 at the time and i just sit on my bed crying. I feel like i have dis evreything wrong including the death of my cousin Rain who commited suicede look her Rain Glover. Besides that i just dont feel comfortable in my skin anymore.

I hope so :(