R.i.p. Cassie And Kim

I was 8 when my parents got r pup cassie. She was a cocker spaniel/ collie, she was obsessed with a yellow squeaky dinosaur toy called squeak wen we first got her but squeak got left to be eaten by maggots one day and then her love was for tennis balls lol she had that many that wen we walked her and she wud take her ball she used to play a trick and wen we called her to put her lead back on to go home she wud leave her ball behind so we wud let her off the lead and say go find ball and off she wud go and *** back with a different coloured one lol she must have left hundreds on that field. Then there was kim. She was a german shepherd cross, me and my family went to a festival and there was Kim, So skinny and obviously beaten, she got caught straying round the festival looking for food she was tied to a tent ready to be taken away, the police wanted her for a police dog but we fell inlove with her, put her in a taxi with us and kidnapped her lol she got So fat the vets insisted we diet her but I think it was just cos her metabolism was ruined from not eating cos she only ate the same as cassie. Sadly we had to let cassie go 30/12/11 as she was 15 and had no quality of life left she developed cancer in several different places but all the rest of her litter died young from it So I guess she was lucky and then Kim had to go 4 months after she was about 13 and she was overweight and struggled a lot with her legs but it was something with her stomache that made her ill and she also had a lump on her chest we assume was cancer. I miss them So much its put me off owning a dog off my own cos its heart breaking wen they have to go.
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Jan 17, 2013