I Miss My Dog...

He was with me from birth, then I moved to a different country for education...I came back sometimes, and he would always run up to me with its tail wagging out of control. He never forgot me, and he was so important to me, knowing that I could always confide in him. Heck, there was a time where I thought I would rather have a dog than a cheating, demanding boyfriend.

Now, he's gone. The dog that always ran up to me when I got out of the cab, the dog that always played with me when my parents were working, the dog that seemed like it understood me perfectly when no one else did.

I walk past the dog bone aisle where I always bought his treats, and I almost want to cry sometimes. A bit emotional over a dog, but yes, that's how I feel.

I cried when he died. No one to welcome me home, unused dog toys that gather dust, half empty bag of dog food, empty backyard, no need to walk through the pet aisle of the supermarket. It felt like a part of my routine disappeared.

Yes, this is quite the dramatization to you, but this is what I felt.
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Jan 18, 2013