Little Lulu

I was talked into getting a dog so I thought about what dog I wanted I decided on a Yorkshire terrier so we went looking for yorkies I knew the moment I saw her all legs and fuzzy lol
My mum said what about the other 1 and I said why not this 1 then the woman selling the puppies said no1 wants that 1 they keeps putting her back I knew I wanted her I never let that cutie out of my hard all the way home it took 2 days to pick a name the only 1 she reacted to was lulu
We went everywhere together .
10 years went by she still acted like a pup but I knew she was feeling old her knees started to go everytime she jumped up she hurt herself the vet said she needs an operation so she had the operation she was my lulu again
Two years later I noticed a slight cloudy patch on her iris back to the vets the vet said she has cateracts we won't operate this time she's to old they said eventually she will go blind it spread to both eyes 2 years later that happened but it didn't stop her from being herself even the vet said I cant believe she still acts like a pup even though she can't see she had to be checked every 6 month's
1 year later she had just turned 15 we got up as usual well I did I called her she didn't come I went to her she just looked at me me I picked her up hthen put her on the floor and her back end collapsed she couldn't stand I rushed her to the vets what he told me made me feel sick
He said I'm sorry there's nothing we can do for her you have to let her go that night was the hardest of my life I had her cremated so she goes where I go
lthough it's nearly 18 months since that day it feels like yesterday to me
Lulu I miss you my baby xx
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Nice story. Sorry about your baby.
I have lost a few doggies myself, Regby, Palladin, Freckles.

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Thank you

cute story

I'm so sorry you lost your loved puppie, even it's already 18 months ago I wish you all the best in recovering

im so sorry.