Cleo's birthday was the 16th of May. She's been gone two years and I still miss my sweet baby. She lost her battle to stomach cancer and went in her sleep. I came home to see her laying in the yard with her ear up like always when she's waiting on me, only this time when I shut the car door she didn't jump up to greet me. Victor our feist ran over to her to say hi and stopped three feet from her and snorted and walked away. She had been doing so good on her cancer meds but she just couldn't fight anymore. When we loaded her in the car to take her to be cremated poor Sam our hound dog was very upset. When she passed we had just found out that I was pregnant. I am still sad that our daughter never got to know Cleo. She was an amazing lab mix that loved kids.

I still miss you my silly goose maroose. <3
Bittersweetlace Bittersweetlace
36-40, F
May 18, 2013