RIP Sparky

I miss my dog so much. I had him since i was 6. He was getting old but i still loved him. Then a couple days ago he died. I cried and cried.

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Dont Worry you will see him again for it would not be heaven with out our pets

The pain is so raw and so loud isn't it? I feel for you, take comfort in knowing we're all thinking of you, and in the fact that your dog was so loved and so lucky to have had you. x

I am so sorry i know how it feels - its a horrible feeling but just think that maybe hes in a better place now? Dont worry the feeling will pass

i lost my life too. i was 6 when i got him. he died when i was 17..... my everything... the joy of my life. beautiful white golden retriever... its so hard to believe. its like he is always there.

i lost mine today, spice was only 4months old and he met a car accident. i feel soooooooo depressed! =c

As time passes, those feelings will go away...hopefully.

I am so sorry ! I know it feels awful I understand how you feel i cant see to stop crying either I will pray for your peace!

soz to hear about that its a horrid feeling :(

Please enjoy these 2 songs both on youtube<br />
#1 / One More Day by Diamond Rio ~ Although not about losing a is a beautiful song about any loss.<br />
#2 / DOG SONG 2 Better with you There ~ A happy uptempot country tune about the special dog friend in your life...and how sad it is when their short time here with us comes to an end.

I am sorry to hear that he passed :(