i used to have a dog. His name was Max and he was a foxterrier. I got him when i was ten... The day i got him was one of the best days of my life. I was always begging my mom to get a dog but she was always against it ... but one day she finally agreed:)) I still remember that day so very good. When he was 10 i went to college and it was 6 hrs away from my city..... and once Max got really sick.... i had my exams and couldnt come home for a month. I didnt realize he was that very sick....  The day i had my last one ..... Max died.... i was on the phone with my mom when he was dying :(( Three of us were together even though we were so far.... She was holding him while talking to me when he took his last breath....... I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!

misthy misthy
22-25, F
Nov 24, 2008