I just had to put my darling germanshepard to sleep , he was only 2 and a half , absolutely devastated , missing him soo much , just took him for a walk and he twisted his spine causing severe pain , can't get the image of my boy in that pain , anyone been through this 😢x
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I'm so sorry for your loss. He was so handsome. I recently lost my dog too she was a German Shepard "princess" was her name I miss her also. I feel your pain 😔

Thank you , he was a cracker , my big boy , sorry about ur wee princess , it's just heartbreaking not having them , hugs to u x

I'm so sorry, they are so hard to say goodbye to, i have Shepherds myself and once lost a beautiful boy at only 4 years old, my thoughts are with you :(

Thank you means a lot , I love Shepard , they r so loyal and obedient , and of course beautiful , sorry for your loss too , miss my boy so much , lost without him , no one to walk with now :( x

i still miss the one we lost, but I got another Shepherd very soon after. he's 6 now and snoozing on his bed. when the time is right, get another boy to love and walk with. there's no guilt in that and you're not replacing your boy, you're just giving another wee soul a happy life

I have been there also worst thing is seeing them in pain my heart goes out to you

my old dog is not doing well at all. One day soon, I'll have to put him down. I will not allow him to suffer, I love him too much. (hug) I am sorry for your loss.

I'm very sorry to hear of this. A dog is a member of the family too and so it is very difficult loss. If he was suffering due to any injury which it sounds like, at least he isn't suffering any more.

Thank you for your kind responses , I'm getting my boys ashes on Wednesday , god I think I will have a breakdown then but I need him back home with us , I've never felt like this ever , I can just picture him and I stuck in the fields ( this was his fav walk ) for an hour waiting for another dog walker to pass , he was by now paralised and when I left his side to try n get help he started to bounce along the ground petrified I'd leave him so I sat hugging him and whispering that I loved him , the fear in my boys eyes , I'm breaking my heart even writing this , il never forget it , I was helpless , he was a huge dog aswel I couldn't carry him , I just lay with him , he knows I loved him dearly , my darling xx

I still have my last dog ashes, cant seem to get rid of her ashes.

Think il keep his forever , kids want him in the garden so he can still play wae them , no too sure yet , just need him home x

We had to put our bassett of 15 years down last year. By far one of the saddest moments in my life. It truly IS like losing a family member. In time that feeling of devastation does go away, although that doesn't help now. Our vet will give you their paw print in clay with your boys name and a ribbon. It's a very nice gesture to remember them by, perhaps you could see if they do something similar where you live? My thoughts are with you.

Sorry to hear this. Had many dogs in my life, ALWAYS very sad to put them down.

Heart breaking decision , don't think il Eva get another dog again , he was like one of my weans x

it takes time, but I love having a dog around me all the time.

True , the house is so empty without him , he was a huge big teddy bear , could Neva find a dog as gentle as him , time is a healer I know , hope I feel better soon x

me too!

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