So I just gave up my dog yesterday do to the fact that I'm not at a point in my life where I want to be. I am struggling I work 40 hours a week and the fact that my dog has to be locked up for 8 hours bothered me.The relationship I have with that dog I cannot begin to describe to you. Our love for each other was unconditional! She was the best dog and the best thing that ever happened to me. All I want is the best for her! The family that I gave her to seem like really great people but I'm just so heart broken and want to make sure that I have made the best choice. I just worry about her everyday and I hate feeling like this it is so painful to give something up that u love so much! I just am so lost and hoping that she's better with the family I gave her to! She deserves to live a happy long life!
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I am also a dog owner. I can not imagine a day without my little boy. If the family you gave her to is indeed a good family that would take care of her and love her then you made the right decision. The loss of a pet is hard to deal with. You should call them in a week to see if she is adapting to her new family. Be strong!

Thank u your support means a lot! It was really hard and I will always love that dog!

Giving her up is/was a mistake because she will adapt to your schedule and now i can guarantee you she misses you terribly and has separation anxiety.Giving away that kind of love will haunt you with guilt forever so please do her and yourself a favour and get her back.Wish i lived near you as i would've cared for her for you.Don't compound this mistake by delaying in getting her back. She's the best friend you'll ever have!

I completely understand what your saying but I had no choice it wasn't an option I wanted her to have a better life! She deserves that! At the time I was in the position to take care of her but that situation has changed! But I understand your concern!

just power through it and find someone will listen too you okay?

Wow I can't imagine having to give up a pet. I have a dog (a husky) I couldn't live without. She's a pain and sheds a lot but the relationship we have is so deep I can't describe. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she'll be a happy pup with her new family. It's good to hear you were able to make a decision to give her a better life. Can you still visit her?

They said I could but I'm moving to a completely different area sadly. But I was thinking of calling them in a week to see how she is adapting! It's just really hard when u love something so much your willing to give up your happiness for there's.

That breaks my heart! You are a good person for putting her happiness before yours. I know it must be hard. Feel free to msg me anytime. I'm new here but I'm open to new friends. I hope everything works out for the best. Good luck!

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Sorry, that sucks to give up something you love so much. :(

I'm just hoping I did the right thing because I really do miss her already 😭

That is the hardest part of giving up on something like that. I think that for your pup you did the right thing.

I guess that's the little cutie in the picture, huh? I can understand the deep attachment. :)

Yeah I have a lot of pics of her and videos so it is very hard!

My mom lost a dog to cancer... she wasn't very old at all... something happened to her stomach or bladder or something... it was so awful... mom's still sad about that.

I'm sorry to hear that 😭

Thank you. :)

Can u go and visit u dog when u have time

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