I Miss My Dog "Monkey"

I miss my dog "monkey" he was born deaf i found him at the local spca and they were planning on putting him down. he was albino all white with blue eyes he was so malnutritioned that he had rickets, my vet told me that he was a "lemon" and to take him back but i couldn't he stole my heart and just yesterday he died I had him 8 and half years he was my heart, my child,  i taught him hand signals to respond to commands since he was deaf and he compensated well i took him to a specialist and had his knees and hips reconstructed he led a full and happy life but i had no idea how "big" his heart really was. he was my joy he actually smiled whenever i came into the room. Anyway, i took him to the vet since he was showing sighns of lethargy on monday they ran labwork and took some xrays and found his heart was very enlarged (congestive heart failure) the whole day i prayed for more time with him. i picked him up that afternoon with a bag full of meds. i got him home where he could be with me and be comfortable. it took all the energy he had just to wag his tail. as the night progressed he went farther downhill and at 12am i rushed him back to the er i couldn't stand him suffering anylonger. he died in my car about a half mile away from the er. I dont know how to feel i am so lost and empty without my precious boy. he was truly unique and even with all his afflictions he appreciated his life and always had a good attitude. he was so good. I will always miss him and i dont know how i will be able to get past this. i know everyone thinks there dog is "the dog" but he was a miracle dog and everyone that met him said he was special. I miss my beautiful boy monkey. his heart was just to big for this world and mine is broken. I had the rare pleasure of knowing this wonderful creature. I just hope all dogs do go to heaven and that he is up there running around and not fighting for air and his heart is perfect and his legs are perfect

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

Hi, Thank you for sharing your story with us. Even though it has a sad ending, it still shows how close the two of you were and that is very heartwarming! I've been through pet loss once and I eventually found comfort in opening my heart to another one. One never replaces the other, but it's wonderful how it opens you up to brand new love and experiences. My thoughts are with you.<BR>Sue