My Dog Was Put Down At the Age of Four

he was a very agressive dog. of course i still loved him. he never hurt me but he did bite a friend of mine so we began to train him and tried our hardest. than i moved. and he was great people in and out of the house he was a friendly loving dog until, i will to colorado with my dad my parents are divorced so we go on seperate vacations but i came back and my mom picked me up with tears in her eyes i immediately asked wheres rover my dogs name and she just burst in to tears she told me that he jumped our gate bit a man and we had to put him down i ran and i just couldnt believe what i was hearing. for the following week i barley ate i couldnt smile and it still is i just wish i could have been there to say goodbye. it is still hard to even look at a picture look at my dads dog with out crying it has been a full month since the accident and i still burst into tears at random times because i just can not stop thinking of him. my mom wants to get a new dog but i dont think i can i will have to much guilt. but i do want to save other dogs from the welfare i just cant take it anymore being lonely and everything. i wish i could have been there to save him.

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Mar 1, 2009