I Miss My Tess

I miss my little girl Tess. She was gone from me on 3-3-09 and I am still crying.  Tess was the most lovely little border terrier.  She came to live with us when was only 8 weeks old and she went to sleep 3 weeks short of 15 birthday.  Tess was lively and live life to the full until a year ago.  She had started to slow down, then last August, her hind legs were not so good, it had came to a stage that she had difficulty getting out of bed and doing her toilets.  Tess never complaint so we had no idea if she was in pain.  But gradually the quality of life was not there, she did not even want to leave the house. She was having difficulty standing and walking.  Sad to see her suffer.  We had to let her go.  There is a big hole in my heart and it is very painful. I miss you darling, love you very much my baby. Wait for me in Rainbow Bridge and I know we will be united, however long we have to wait.

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Darling Tess, 6 weeks has passed and I still miss you terribly and I still cry for you. Baby girl, the flowers I planted for you are blooming and happy. I visit them everyday and think of you. Little angle, you are free of pain and I know you are happy running around in heaven. Be free and be happy, I want to think of you and remember you cute little face, your active little legs running around, so happy and so free

Sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can find some comfort here:<br />
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Thank you very much for the kind words. Each day is a mile stone. I remember Tess everyday and try to think of all the good times we had together. Miss you terribly darling baby. Time will heal and eventually I will smile when I think of you and remember your cute little face

aww id miss my little doggie if anything happend to him . look after your self as well.

So sorry about the loss of your beloved Tess. She sounds like she was an angel. You will be re-united never to be parted. I am so happy that she led a full life.<br />
What a blessing for you. Sweet angel dog!<br />
So sorry,<br />