Yip was my constant shadow for 16 years.  I had his Mum and Dad and saw him being born.  He wuffed from the moment he was born and just never stopped hence the name Yip.  His personality was so big that everyday was filled with his little incidents.  Everything I did though he would watch intently I'm sure if he had hands he could have done the dishes, ironing, etc as well as me.  His place at night was always on the foot of my bed.  Sadly last June he developed a cough.  Various treatments were tried, antibiotics, steroids, he had scans galore and samples taken but the cause was never found.  His cough lingered on until the very end but only occurred in the mornings and evenings and for months I thought about having him put to sleep but couldn't because there was still life in his eyes.  On Monday though looked in his eyes and could see that spark wasn't there anymore and that he preferred being asleep than awake.  Walking was a problem and absolutely nothing was talking the dead look in his eyes away.  I knew I had to do what his eyes were telling me.  On Monday I did the hardest thing I've ever done and had him put to sleep.  I know he is at peace and not suffering anymore but it doesn't ease the fact that I miss him terribly

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Mar 25, 2009