RIP Buddy

I miss my dogs. The first dog we got from a breeder. He was a hyper, black lab and would always steal food. He ate peanut brittle, brisket, chicken, a cake, and much more stuff. We didn't codone this, but he would just steal the food when nobody was looking. He died when he was 9 of a stroke,and I was depressed for a week. Whenever the bus would pull up to the house I would start cry because he wasn't there to greet me. Marley and Me brought back memories of my first dog. The second one died before the first and she was a yellow lab that we adopted from a family that who couldn't take her over seas. She had bad skin so we had to put her down. It was my first experience with death, and it doesn't get any eaiser. We have two pound resuces now. The lab is getting old and has bad hips so I'm scared that she is going to go while I'm at college, I'm a sophomore btw. The other one is younger but I still miss them both. I wish dogs lived as long as humans. Life would be so much eaiser. P.S. Pound rescues are great.

madison2008 madison2008
Jul 23, 2009