My father had to put down my dog this morning.

I wasn't able to be there, because I was on vacation, she had cancer.

She was 6 years old, and a Great Pyrenees.

I remember so many great things about her, she was an outside dog, she protected our cattle.

So when I was little, anytime I for mad at anyone, I'd go outside, walk out to the fields, and just hang around my dog. I told her everything, she was (this sounds weird) but my only true friend. Tbh.

We would always fall asleep while sitting under a shade tree, I'd be with her for hours, every day.

I'd share my ham sandwiches with her, id play with her.

She was my favorite.

I just really miss her now, it's not gonna be the same anymore.
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8 Responses Jun 26, 2015

Omgsh what a beautiful dog she must have been ! My best friend growing up had, I kid you not, 4 Great Pyrenees. They're amazing animals.
We always get in trouble for feeding our dogs human food, especially at the table, parents drill that into you. So it's so funny that just like you, I miss sharing my food with my baby girl. Sometimes I'll be sitting at the table and I'll reach down with something and look down and no one is there...

If my dog died that'd probably shake me up a bit. I can feel your pain.

Sorry to hear that kiddo. I have not had one in 15 years because of that. It's sad

so sorry to hear that hope your coping good take care and don't forget she will be in such a safe place right now in little doggy heaven ??

I lost my dog to cancer last year his name is brownie


sorry to hear about your dog.

What was her name?

Nice name. And I'm sorry again. 😕