My dog got hit by a car and died last week. She was only 3 years old. It's so hard to think that she's gone. She was so full of life and wanted to do nothing but play all the time. And it was lovely when she always came to listen when I was playing piano.

I just feel empty. I loved her so much. She always made me happy when I was sad and brought me comfort when I was lonely. I'm scared to go home and face the truth that I will never see her again.
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i lost mine to age/heart disease.feel what you feel.lost,hurt,lonely.

w long
did your dog live?mine lived 1 yr to the day of his diagnosis.ep messing up))he was on heart &fluid pills,had to stay very cool.tell me about old was he/her?

oh poor ella.the fluid builds up and cuts off the air.mine was on fluid pills also.but if too warm the heart struggled.juni had an enlarged heart.the fluid presses on the trachea.been 2 yrs now and i walk past his grave and i die of lonliness.i have a pup now,he is 1 1/2 now,but can`t fill the empty spot.i am glad you found her dead.juni`s kidney`s failed due to the heart and no urine out put.we took him in.the last ride.mine would cough if not cool enough.the dr. said we took excellant care of him.please find another fur baby in need.mikey filled our home ,he was in need.but my heart is heavy.god bless.

I'm sorry for your loss. It is a tough thing to go through - I know. I put my last dog down 3 years ago now and it is still rough to think about. I want to get another "child" to fill my life (because that is essentially what they do). Dogs fill the empty portions of our lives. They supposedly help us live longer lives, but I'm not sure that is what I want right now.

Have you read the "rainbow bridge"? It is a short poem for people working thru such a loss. Let me know if you need a link...

Thank you. And I'm sorry for your loss too.. No, I haven't read it but I'd like to :)

i lost my old boy after 1 yr of many pills for heart.then his kidneys failed and that was it.i was so lost.a yr later,wasen`t looking and found a pup.he needs me as much as i need coincidence i found him that will find the fur baby you seem to be a great daddy dog.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, my sincerest apologies

so very sorry.the loss is so hard.

I'm sorry to hear that but she has gone to a better place. This may be a cliche thing to say but I believe it speaks volumes, if you loved her like that then she will always be with you, you just have to look to your heart:). I'm sorry for your loss hope this helps a bit.