I struggled a bit with affording her medical care as well as simply the transportation for it. My cramped little studio flat probably wasn't ideal living for her either. She lived with my mom originally, and was about to be given up in light of mom moving when I decided that I loved the pup so much that I could take ownership. It was a rather impulsive, not well thought out decision given my circumstances. I learned that lesson kind of the hard way and although I don't regret those joyous two years with her, I guess I reached the end of my rope once my landlords started giving me grief about her outdated veterinary records, something urged on by recent new (and more strict) building management.

She left here healthy and loved, but she deserved better ownership, which she hopefully she has now. I had to drop her off at a shelter due to pressure from the landlords, but folks there said she that stood a good chance of being adopted due to her demeanor and demand for her breed (papillon).

She was the first dog I ever owned and was the sweetest, most loving thing. Part of my family for 6 years and it was a most painful thing to do, that I wish I hadn't. I'll never, ever forget her.
computerlove computerlove
31-35, F
Oct 14, 2015