I have more than 3 dogs that passed due to old age,and miss them,yesterday morning while Im having a coffee,I saw a stray dog who keeps on running on the same block I felt like maybe the owner left him there intentionally and the poor dog is waiting for him,why would people do this to their companion, it is beyond heartless If I can only afford to take care of a dog rightnow I would have brought it with me
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I totally agree with you and I would have wanted to do the same thing. I've had to put a few of my dogs down because of their age. It's not fun at all. I'm getting ready to do it again, I have 130 pound English mastiff who is nine years old looks like it won't be much longer now.

i know how you feel, over the last 25 years I've had 2 dogs that were closer to me that most of the people i know. i believe sometime they were my best friends, loser than my wife.

Some folks let their dog run free. If s/he looks well-fed, maybe the loose dog is just getting some exercise time in.

That's the try-to-look-on-the-bright-side approach that may need a reality check.

I have one on her last leg, she is 14 and her poor hips are shot. I will be devastated, but so thankful for the time, she has been amazing.

For sure you,your dog had a happy life

People are cruel to animals it's disgraceful and sad

It is beyond sad

Wish u really cud..