I lost my dog a year ago this month. i rescued him and he lived to a nice old age of 14. he was my first dog, i never knew i could love a dog so deeply. he was an old soul, stoic and accepting. warm and mostly lazy, he listened to me and you dog people will know what i mean when I say he understood me and wanted me to be happy. I think i want to rescue another, i know it won't be the same, but every time I go to look at dogs i cry. I suppose I'm not ready yet. I miss him so....
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Thank u for rescuing him :) hugs.. Hope u feel better soon

Lost my half pit bull, half Great Dane last year, too. :/ She was the best dog I ever had. Make sure if you get another dog you don't get them from the pound. Go to a place where they can guarantee the dog's health. My family has gotten dogs from the pound that died a couple weeks later or came home with diseases. And getting another dog will help.

Oh yeah. Large. Wide and tall. She had a pit bull head and jaws and a bit thicker Great Dane body, pretty much. But a bit smaller than an actual Great Dane. Unfortunately, I don't think that was a good mix for life expectancy. She died at 7 years old. She was a darling, though. Nicest dog I've ever had. Murderous to squirrels and birds and other small animals, though. She killed like 100 over the years. And people who she didn't like, which was very few. She almost killed one of my "friends". A week later, that "friend" was choking the life out of my girlfriend. She knew he was bad news from the start. Oh, I found what breed she was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogo_Argentino A Dogo Argentino, pit bull and Great Dane. Powerful dog. She looked like those dogs, but with more of a pit bull head and a bigger body. They're supposed to be dogs with the highest pain threshold. She never showed any signs of experiencing pain. If you accidentally stepped on her, she would just look at you and go "Dude. Come on."

thank you...i believe i will. Maybe i haven't met the right one yet. previously used a reputable rescue group.sorry for your loss...sounds like a unique dog!