She passed away back in October. Her name was Emma, and she was German Shepherd/Collie mix. Maybe one of the dumbest dogs I've ever had, but I loved her. :)
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Lol dumbest dogs! I have one of those dogs that knows nothing but to eat. she doesn't know how to play either. I personally don't have a relationship with her becuase it's mostly my mom's dog. We did have a mixed lab. She was the smartest dog I had ever seen. But she had tumors, possibly pre-bronchitis symptoms, and she may have had cancer. That was the worst day of my life when she died back in June.

I'm really sorry. :(

Aw 💔

She was 13 and had cancer. It was her time to go I guess. I miss her though.

I'm so sorry that's just so sad

It is. :/ Life is often that way I guess. It should be nicer to us.