I have a 1 year old baby, and a fiance that works full time. We got a puppy when I was 3 months pregnant, and we never taught her to walk on a leash. fast forward to now, I was fed up with the fact that my poor dog wasn't getting out for any walks. I posted my dog on kijiji, and got a few offers. we did interviews and after meeting a few people we sold her to a nice family.
its been 2 hours since she left and i realize that I was so wrong to just let my dog go. I should have walked her, but instead I made excuses that I couldn't walk her because I don't want to fall and hurt the baby.
my fiance just cried on my shoulder for an hour, and it's killing me inside. I want my dog back, I wish I never turned on my poor puppy, I wish I taught her right the first time.
she is such a good dog, I'm such an idiot for selling her.
I want her back so bad, but I already sold her, and the family has 2 little boys that would be heartbroken, just like me and my fiance.
axs95 axs95
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2016