I Miss My Sandy

I ALWAYS wanted a dog so bad, and after a lot of begging, my parents let me have one when I was 11.  I can still remember meeting Sandy, bringing her home in a little cardboard box in the car and thinking "MY dog is in there!"

I could go on for pages and pages with memories of my little baby.  I got to grow up with this dog, and our other dog Pepper who we got 3 years later, and as much as I had always wanted a dog, I don't think I, or anyone else in my family for that matter, new how much we would love them.

Toward the end of Sandy's life, she had every ailment in the book.  Glaucoma, enlarged spleen and heart, arthritis, bladder stones, a cyst on her side, she could barely see or hear, and we would find out later, brain cancer.  You would never even know there was anything wrong with this dog until her last month though, she was so strong and just unbelievable...even just two weeks before she died I can remember she ran up the stairs to come get me one night :o)  Soon after though, she wouldn't even know who any of us were.  I never in my life thought I'd put my dog to sleep, but she was suffering so much and it was just unbearable.  We had to put her to sleep on her birthday, which was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and my heart breaks all over again when I think about it.  My mother, who never wanted a dog (until Sandy came along!), cried more than when she lost her parents, and my father cried for the first time I'd ever seen.  This little dog just worked her way into our hearts and will never leave now.

I am still so lucky to have my Pepper, and we have a dog named Maggie now too.  I must say it was a whim that I came across this board, and I'm sorry if my story made anyone sad but it feels good to talk about her...and hopefully if you're like me you believe we'll see them again some day () :o)

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love is hate, enjoy your time with your dog, I'm sure you've got many great years of memories ahead of you!!!! czhog i just saw this comment now, sorry! i'm so sorry to hear about your dog :o( she does sound like an angel, and it's amazing that these animals just love us no matter what and their mission in life is just to protect us and loves us. you and your Sandy are in my prayers.

i just got my sandy german shep/lab mix last year i can't even imagine loosing my baby, she will be 1 may 20th i had a chuhaia named elvis but we had to give him to my aunt after 3 months of hiding him from my landlord lol

My Sandy passed away May 7, she was a black and brown dashund. Every time I caufed she would come running to see if I was alright, she was truly my angel. I will never get over her passing. Stan