Katy & Cocoa

Katy: ( Beagel/Dotson)

I remember my mom always saying that her biggest fear was that katy would turn on me when I was born. That she would get jelous and attack me. But my mom never had anything to worry about. Everytime my monitor would go off or if I were to start crying, she would run barking for my mom. As if to say "hello the baby needs you mommy!" She was always there when I cried, and no matter if I was mean to her one day and nice the next, she was still always by my side. When I was about 8 she passed away at the age of 18.

Cocoa: ( Toy Poodle/Laptop Tzu)

She stayed with me the longest. I remember how she always use to pass out at the sound of thounder, and hind under my feet for comfort. I loved her so much and always will. My playful friend. She passed away when I was about 12 at the age of 16.


These dogs where my first dogs. I had them since I was born, so they were my family. I will always hold a specail place in my heart for them and I know where ever they are that they're happy. I hope I gave them as much love as they gave me.

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I'm so sorry but I'm glad that you, like me, had such great first dogs that you will undoubtedly always remember :o)