I Miss Him

i lost my dog, a couple of days ago, i got him since i was 12, im 22 now, it was the best dog ever (i now that for every family their dog is the best) i loved him so much, he was so nobel.

He will be in mi memory for ever, he really was a friend for me, i now understand the meaning of the word "incondicional love".

Alhex Alhex
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Remember his nobility, and know he knows this that you miss and loved him. once your ready give that love to another noble dog. Trust your instincts you will know when your ready if not when your ready let another pup let you know when they are ready. Dogs know whats good for there humans, a day will come when a pup/adult will catch your eye. Don't let that pass accept is and run with it. Good luck with your morning, this too shall pass. Mine has and mine Max was irreplacable.

Im so sorry I hope he is resting peacefully